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Assessment for Placement

After Taking Your Tests

See Next Steps to Follow

  1. Make an appointment with a counselor to map out your educational plan
  2. Thinking of retesting? See Retest Policy below.
  3. Register for classes in MyPortal.

Getting Your Assessment Results

You will receive your results upon completion of your test. Assessment test results will also be available through your MyPortal at

Follow these steps to find your placement test results:

  1. LOG IN to MyPortal
  2. SELECT Apps from menu
  3. Under Students, SELECT Student Registration App
  4. Under My Records, SELECT View My Placement Results
  5. See Your Course Placement
  6. If you have questions about your placement results after viewing them in MyPortal, please contact the Assessment Office.

If you do not have access to the internet at home, visit the Admissions & Records Office on the main campus in the Student Services Building, Room 8100.

For privacy reasons, results may not be given over the phone.

Policy for Re-taking Guided Self-Placement

  • Placement results do not expire. A student may choose to re-take the Math Guided Self-Placement as many times as they like.  The Language Arts or ESLL Guided Self-Placement can be taken twice.

Challenging Your Test Results

If you are unhappy with your placement results, please feel free to contact the Testing & Assessment Office at



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