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About the Dental Hygiene Program

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Welcome to our Dental Hygiene home page. We hope this information is helpful getting you started in this rewarding and exciting health career. The Foothill College Dental Hygiene Program has been in existence since 1964 and is accredited by the American Dental Association. This program has a history of ranking as a top DH program over the 50 years the program has existed.

Foothill was given initial approval to participate in the pilot program by the 13-member California Community Colleges Board of Governors in consultation with representatives from the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems. Foothill College will award Bachelor's Degrees to Dental Hygiene students who complete the state's Baccalaureate Degree pilot program, which is tentatively scheduled to start in Fall 2016. Please review the Dental Hygiene application page for details for prerequisites and application information.

The Foothill College Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene (BS-DH)

  • Entry-level track that includes the required clinical training:

    The entry-level track is a 2+2 program with two years of prerequisite courses, including the required general education, science courses and social sciences courses; then following an application and acceptance to the dental hygiene program, there are two years of dental hygiene core courses and upper division general education.

  • Completion track for licensed dental hygienists; Tentative start date: 2018, pending program approval.

    Completion of the pre-program courses and general education do not guarantee admission to the dental hygiene program.

The Foothill College Dental Hygiene offers you state-of-the-art clinical facilities, experienced, caring faculty, and comprehensive college support services designed to help you succeed. Students are supervised during their clinic experience on patients. Students who successfully complete the program receive a college degree in Dental Hygiene and are qualified to take the Dental Hygiene National Board Examination and state or regional licensing examinations.

Dental Hygienists are in great demand. It is a career offering excellent income, security, flexibility, variety, prestige and respect - the factors you value in a career. Please explore our web site and learn more about our Dental Hygiene program.

Thank you for your interest!

Phyllis Spragge, RDH, RDHAP, MA
Director, Dental Hygiene Program

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Foothill College Dental Hygiene Program Mission

The mission of the Foothill College Dental Hygiene Program is in accord with the mission of the Foothill-DeAnza Community College District.

The purpose of the Dental Hygiene program is to educate students who will positively impact the oral health status of the community. This education will include courses in the basic, social and dental sciences, liberal arts and public health with emphasis on the clinical aspect of the Dental Hygiene practice. This education will provide the student with a foundation to pursue life long learning.

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Program Goals for Foothill College Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene

The goals of the Foothill College Dental Hygiene Program are to prepare the dental hygiene student upon graduation; (1) to provide comprehensive dental hygiene care in a variety of dental health care settings to individuals from diverse socioeconomic, educational and/or cultural backgrounds; (2) to assume responsibility for oral health wellness and disease prevention in the realm of dental hygiene care for individuals and the community; (3) to develop a graduate who practices and promotes ethical and legal considerations in dental hygiene practice; and (4) to interact effectively with other health professionals in a competent, collaborative, and ethical manner.

The bachelor degree program will broaden the educational experiences of studentsby providing an in depth curriculum, including, but not limited to: critical thinking, analysis, writing, communication, cultural sensitivity, researching, and reporting. The dental hygiene degree completion program will expand professional opportunities beyond the private dental office and promote career advancement in management, education, public health and research.

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Dental Hygiene Bachelor of Science Degree Program Learning Outcomes

I. Professionalism
The Foothill College Bachelor of Science degree graduate will demonstrate their competence in their role as health professionals at the local, state, and national levels. The graduate will possess the ethics, values, skills, and knowledge integral to all aspects of the profession.

II. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
The Foothill College Bachelor of Science degree graduate will be competent in the performance and delivery of oral health promotion and disease prevention services in public health, private practice and alternative settings. The graduate will be able to exercise evidence based practice, critical thinking and communicate effectively in all professional employment settings.

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Program Accreditation & Affiliation

The American Dental Association, Commission on Dental Accreditation, hereafter referred to as "the Commission", accredits the Foothill College Dental Hygiene Program. The Commission is a specialized accrediting agency recognized by the Council on Post secondary Accreditation and the U. S. Department of Education. The Commission conducts the accreditation and site visit process and recommends re-accreditation. The most recent accreditation took place for the Foothill Dental Hygiene Program in 2011. The next site visit will take place in 2018. The Foothill Dental Hygiene Program's master plan, policies, and curriculum are modeled after Commission guidelines. Copies of the standards and guidelines for a model Dental Hygiene Program are on file in the Director's office. Copies of the Accreditation report for the Foothill College Dental Hygiene Program are also on file in the Director's office.

The Foothill College Dental Hygiene Program is affiliated with the University of California, School of Dentistry, San Francisco, California.

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