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Honors Institute

Applying to Honors

1. Check Eligibility

2.  Submit an Application

Your completed Honors Institute application can be submitted via email, mail, or by dropping it off in person to us or our "drop box" located at the Foothill Campus in building 1900, Rm 1961.

Tips for completing application:

  • Be prepared to upload proof of your eligibility in PDF format if necessary
  • Be sure to fill out both sides of your application and sign it
  • You can upload your Personal Statement as an attachment or embed it into your email

Download the application: Word Version | PDF Version

3. Allow 5-7 Days for Review

  • Once we've reviewed your application, you will receive an email either welcoming you into the program or explaining what requirements were not met.
  • Note: we are closed the month of August.

Application Deadline

Applications for Foothill's Honors Institute are accepted on a rolling basis. Please note that you must be accepted to the program before you can enroll in an honors class.


You'll want to learn how to calculate your grade point average.

Use DegreeWorks or our online GPA calculator

Honors Course Schedule

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Honors Institute

 (650) 949-7061

Building 1900, Office 1961