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Foothill College is one of the few community colleges in the United States that offer a major in Japanese language. The study of Japanese is an excellent choice for students in the Bay Area since much business and trade is carried on with Japan by California industries. The electronics industry is especially interested in employing people who know Japanese. It is an excellent major or minor for those who plan to work in international business.

Foothill offers first year (JAPN 1, 2, 3) and second year (JAPN 4, 5, 6) Japanese as well as intermediate and advanced Japanese conversation (JAPN 13A, 13B, 14A, 14B).

In these courses, students develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, as well as knowledge of the Japanese culture. In "Advanced Composition & Reading" courses (JAPN 25A, 25B), students expand their vocabulary and develop reading skills by reading various authentic materials. We also offer a course on Japanese culture and calligraphy (JAPN 33), which focuses on Japanese philosophy, literature, culture and the Japanese "way of brush (shodo)." We have a daytime/evening program on our main campus and at the Sunnyvale Center. Foothill offers an AA degree in Japanese).

Japanese community volunteers, who serve as in-class tutors, support our Japanese Program. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer tutor please contact the Japanese Program Chair, Ikuko Tomita Radkow, Ph.D. at

Credit by Exam.
Students with some prior knowledge of Japanese can get credit by exam for one quarter of Japanese. Learn more.