Think You're Not a Math Person?
Foothill's Award-Winning Math My Way Is Your Solution!

Equations make you queasy and percentages may as well be Greek, and your idea of higher math is balancing the checkbook. Numerators, denominators, decimals, fractions, and sums: It's enough to make you panic or scream. Or give up.

At Foothill College, we offer a different approach. We've created Math My Way, a hands-on series of self-paced math learning modules that combine patient, caring, understanding instruction with a group of students who have similar math skill levels. Along with the small groups and one-to-one attention from your math teacher, Math My Way includes computer and paper drills, and computer games.

The truth is, even though you may not be a "math person", you'll still need to complete a few math courses during your college experience. At Foothill, we want your math experience to be positive: Our mutual goal is to help you develop math confidence as well as grasp basic math concepts. In fact, we can help you master your math skills, and based on our research you should have an excellent chance of passing the next level of math (e.g., algebra) instruction at Foothill and any other college or university. Students who participated in Foothill's Math My Way last fall in earned a minimum grade of B+ in the MATH 101 course the following quarter.

Maybe your math skills are rusty. Maybe math anxiety is all too real for you. Maybe you just need some extra attention from an expert teacher. If so, Math My Way is ideal for you. Designed to help you develop math confidence as you grasp basic math concepts, Fall Quarter 2007's Math My Way is made up of two classes: MATH 230 and MATH 231. These courses meet Mondays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to noon during Fall Quarter. To participate, register for both classes.

To learn more about Math My Way, call (650) 949-7259. For registration instructions, access /admissions.php or call (650) 949-7325.

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