Online Education Initiative (OEI) Course Exchange

The purpose of the online Course Exchange is to provide access to some classes that may not be available when you need them at Foothill. The goal is to help you complete your educational goals in a timely manner. All courses offered in the exchange are fully online.
CCC Online Course Exchange

Is the course exchange for me?

  • Do you need an additional class this quarter that is not being offered at Foothill?
  • Are you having trouble enrolling in that one necessary prerequisite class quarter after quarter?
  • Would completing that one required class help you to speed up your ability to graduate or transfer?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you might want to check out opportunities to enroll in online courses across the California Community College system through the OEI Course Exchange.

  • Visit the Course Exchange FAQ to learn more.
  • Your "Home College" is Foothill College if
    • you are currently enrolled at Foothill College
    • intend to complete a degree or certificate program, and
    • where you first completed the following matriculation steps: New Student Orientation, English/Math placement, an official education plan developed by a counselor.
  • Your "Teaching College" is any participating college offering courses taught by faculty from a college other than Foothill College.

Student Guide to the Online Course Exchange video (7:06 mins)

How do I access the course exchange?

What if I have problems accessing the course exchange?

Report all problems to the OEI Tech Center Help Desk with an email message to:
Last Updated December 08, 2017
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