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Online Learning and Tech Committees

Ongoing analysis and future planning for distance education programs and services are provided through Foothill's college wide master planning process.

The online learning program at Foothill College coordinates with leadership and governance in several ways: Curriculum Committee, Distance Education Advisory Committee (DEAC), Committee on Online Learning (COOL), and Planning and Resource Council (PaRC). Campus decision-making about course delivery methods is generally made at the academic division level and based primarily on the needs of Foothill’s student population, the pedagogical issues associated with delivering high-quality online instruction, and the availability of quality online faculty.

In accordance with California administrative code and regulation (Title 5), all courses and programs, regardless of delivery method, are approved by the Foothill College Curriculum Committee. Courses delivered via distance education receive separate approval by the college curriculum committee.

DEAC and COOL Committees

Distance Education Advisory Committee (DEAC)

Practices to ensure quality online instruction and student services are addressed in the campus Distance Education Advisory Committee (DEAC). It is a shared governance group that provides college-wide direction and leadership for distance education and online learning. It meets on a regular basis through-out the academic year. Faculty, staff, and student representatives serve on the DEAC, which is responsible for developing the comprehensive Distance Education Plan and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. The DEAC exists as a tandem group with COOL, and makes recommendations to PaRC, the Technology Committee, and other shared governance groups, for vision, policies, and implementations related to distance education.

Committee on Online Learning (COOL)

Practices to ensure quality online instruction and student services are addressed in the Committee on Online Learning (COOL). It is a committee of the Academic Senate and engages faculty in monthly discussions about pedagogy of online courses, ensuring course quality, and course evaluations.

COOL/DEAC Meeting and Membership Information

Cool and DEAC meet together due to membership overlap and meet once a month.

Technology Committee

Technological support and coordination are addressed through the Technology Committee. It is a shared governance group that sets priorities for the college and oversees and authors the college’s technology plan. The committee is co-chaired by the college technology coordinator and dean of Foothill Online Learning, Judy Baker, and Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Andrea Hanstein. Members include academic senate and classified senate representatives. The Technology Committee and DEAC are linked but serve distinct purposes. Each reports to the PaRC. For information about past meetings, visit Technology Committee Agendas and Minutes.

Educational Technology Advisory Committee

The district technology organization has its own shared governance group, named the Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC) and this group provides district-level shared governance and decision making for projects that involve the entire district, which are many. These include such projects as the Banner implementation, the district network, phone systems, computer replacements and overall infrastructure.