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Umoja Classes 2018-2019

Fall Quarter

ENGL 1S  Integrated Composition & Reading  w/ Prof.  Kimberly Escamilla

ENGL 242A  Critical Thinking: Portfolio Mangement  w/ Prof.  Kimberly Escamilla

COMM 4  Group Discussion w/ Prof. Lauren Velasco

CRLP 55 Career Life Strategy College Success w/ Prof. Tracee Cunningham


Winter Quarter

ENGL 1T  Integrated Composition & Reading  w/ Prof.  Sam White

ENGL 242B  Critical Thinking: Portfolio Management  w/ Prof.  Sam White

SOC 23 Race and Ethnic Relations w/ Prof. Amber Colbert

ENGL 12   African American Literature  w/ Prof. Enjoli Flynn 


Spring Quarter

ENGL 1B   Composition, Critical Reading & Thinking Through Literature w/ Prof. Sam White

PSYCH 22   Psychology of Prejudice w/ Prof. Ben Stefonik

CNSL 8   Transfer Readiness  w/ Prof. Tracee Cunningham


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