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Tai Dennis Wong, JD, M.B.A.

Business Law Instructor

Business and Social Sciences Division




Foothill campus
Office: 4146
Office Hours:
Via scheduled telephone or Canvas Zoom


In this class, you will be exposed to a number of topics and will be shown different ways to view the same information. What you ultimately get out of the course will be determined by what you put into it. Knowledge is based on your ability to take the information and apply it in a number of arenas. Everything is inter-related and your ability see the relationship(s) opens new vistas of possibilities.


Business Law I (BUSI 18)
Class is taught exclusively online.

Course information:

Class is taught exclusively online.

In this introduction to business law class, students will be introduced to a number of business and legal concepts from different perspectives to provide a more insightful understanding of how laws work and how to navigate them in your business and personal life.

Laws provide the structure that guides the flow of goods, services and people though society in a specific direction. By understanding how laws direct the flow of commerce, the resourceful person can identify and take advantage of market opportunities. Knowing how the law works allows you to navigate the legal obstacles in your business and personal life.


I enjoy trying foods from different cultures to see how they use different spices, in different combinations and different sequences to create unique flavors and textures. This provides context to how people have adapted to their local environment. Although most humans eat from the same food groups, the food is prepared differently depending on what is readily available. It's a constant reminder that everyone is just a different version of me.


I was born in China and grew up in Chicago where we described the cold Arctic winds blowing off of Lake Michigan in the long winters as being "a bit nippy", and the sweltering heat of the long hot summers as opportunities to play in open fire-hydrant flooded streets and to eat ice cones.

I graduated with a BA from the University of Rochester because I liked the fact the upper level classes were small and were taught by world renowned scholars.

I graduated with an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management ("Thunderbird") because it had a global alumni network that I could tap into.
I later graduated with a JD from the University of San Francisco School of Law because it provided me with a solid legal education and it was a gateway to the Pacific Rim.

I have over 30 years of experience in business, finance and the law. My current legal practice focuses on business law, contracts, real estate law, and business and real estate litigation. I also provide business and strategic consulting services to clients.

I am an original board member and current officer of the Alliance for Community Development ("ACD"), a nonprofit that helped to create a $78 million double bottomline venture capital fund originally managed by JP Morgan H&Q.

My goal is to share with my students life lessons and work skills necessary for them to navigate the intricacies of the 21 Century economy.

Personal Quote:

Trust but verify - I don't know who is credited with saying this first, but this is a necessary action item for anyone who is involved in any aspect of business or the practice of law.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result - Albert Einstein. This quote is a reminder to learn from your experiences and to not make the same mistake again.

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