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Patricia Crespo-Martin, M.A.

Spanish Instructor

Language Arts Division

(650) 949-7523


Foothill campus
Office: 6023
Office Hours:
Online. It's best to contact me via email



Spanish 1 and 2 online

Course information:

Send me your student id number and a brief description of your level.

If I don't respond right away, try my colleagues Julio Rivera at or Elvira Coffin at


The first ten waitlisted students will be given an add code on the first day of the quarter.

These are not self-paced courses or language apps. Expect tight deadlines during the week, including time to practice with a partner.

You should be spending around 3 hours every day studying and practicing.



Rather than my interests, I present here a few websites I think you'll find interesting. Enjoy!
En Portada: El viaje de los centroamericanos a EE.UU.
Videos sobre arte en Am?�rica Latina
Diccionarios, gramatica y ejercicios
Wordreference The best part is not the dictionary but the translation forums. If you're curious about how to translate the untranslatable ("nerd" or "solidaridad"), use it.
La Fundacion para el espanol urgente For more advanced students. Great resource.
Curiosidades jergales Find out what the most innocent word in a country means in some other country...and take note if you're travelling!

Actividades para escuchar y ver :

Interviews with Native Speakers Hear native speakers talk about a variety of topics, ranging from beginning to advanced levels.
Ticele Ticele is a language school with lots of movies subtitled in Spanish.

Blogs y podcasts

Entrevistas y comentarios interesantes. Hecho por una estudiante americana que vive en Madrid.
Spanish Podcast. Otro con mucho material.
Spanish Pod You have to subscribe to this one, but you can check out some free sample lesson before you decide.
Notes in Spanish . Lots of fun

Language exchanges
You can find other students who want to practice their English while you practice your Spanish, free and can be via Skype.
The Mixxer Free and educational. A great resource.
Language Exchange
El Lenguajero

Prensa, radio y cine de toda America Latina A great resource if you're looking for any type of media in the Spanish-speaking world.
Spain's public TV channel.

Cultura :
Historias de debajo de la luna
Interviews to inmigrants from all over the world who are now living in Spain. See how they deal with "culture shock". They also present a short story from their culture.
Lecturas paso a paso. Lecturas de nivel inicial, intermedio, avanzado. De suspense y misterio. Initial, intermediate and advanced readings. Suspense and mystery.
Hispanic Heritage in the Americas. In English. See Columbus' route, watch an overview of Mexico City, see the gauchos at work.
El Museo del Prado In the upper right corner you can click on "English version" and in the middle you will see "A work, an artist", an explanation of a work of art that changes every month. Para los amantes del arte.
M?ɬ?sica y asuntos sociales Highly recommended for Span 2 and 3. Listen to music while you read the lyrics. Learn about social issues from Latin America.

This and that
Funny Soap Opera A very funny soap opera written by Spanish students on the BBC site. Easy and subtitled.
Lyrics Training You listen to music and provide the missing words in the lyrics. At the beginning level, only a few words are missing. If you're feeling brave, do the advanced level, where no words are provided.
Alternative Latino Music It's in English, but it will lead you to discover great alternative latino music.

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