Why The Parliament?
A redesign of our college governance structure requires a redesign of the way we communicate important discussions and decisions, thus the name change from Fusion to The Parliament. The owl (our mascot) is generally solitary, but a group of owls is known as a parliament -- admired for its wisdom and knowledge. In this space, you'll find info to make you more knowledgeable about what's going on around campus. Suggestions are always welcome! 
Governance Summary
Below is a summary of the action and informational items from the most recent governance meetings. Can't make it to a meeting in person? Committees are making meetings available online via Zoom. Thank you to students and part-time faculty who have attended remotely. For complete minutes, first-reads and Zoom details, please visit the new governance website.

College Advisory Council
The College Advisory Council met on Oct. 5, 19, 26 and Nov. 2. Thus far, the council has made several recommendations to President Nguyen. 

The council recommended the Program Review be suspended for 2018-19 and resume in fall 2019. The 10 programs rated yellow or red for 2016-17 should be the first to complete the new Program Review document. Additionally, the council agreed two programs previously rated yellow, Dental Hygiene and Radiation Technology, should be rated green due to improved FTES and productivity in 2017-18. The Institutional Planning and Budgeting (IP&B) Committee was also charged with finalizing the new Program Review process and documents by spring 2019.

The council also approved the first seven guiding principles for budget reduction (removing principle eight as there will be no program eliminations). The proposed ADT in MDIA Studies was approved and is now with the College Curriculum Committee before being sent to the State for review. 

Finally, the council began a conversation about how to reduce textbooks costs for students and how to intentionally plan and budget for the increasing popularity of online education. What does this major shift mean for the college and how should we plan for the next 20 years? The Advisory Council will send specific requests for more information and recommendations on these two topics to students and the Academic Senate.

Community & Communication Committee
On Oct. 5, the Community & Communication Committee reviewed its charge, as well as reviewed future meeting dates. It was suggested the committee add additional date(s) so as to make better progress on President Nguyen's questions/notes. 

The committee discussed meeting guidelines to be used for the quarter, and plans to revisit those guidelines at the end of fall quarter. The committee heard a presentation from The Krause Center for Innovation, so as to recommend how the KCI could best promote college goals and strategic objectives. Further discussion is to follow, including how other programs (Science Learning Institute, Family Engagement Institute) can also best promote the college's goals and strategic objectives.
The next Community & Communication Committee meeting will be on Nov. 9, from 12:30-2:30 p.m. in ADM 1943 (please see committee website for possible room changes).

Equity & Education Committee
The Equity and Education Committee met on Oct. 5.

The committee reviewed committees under the previous governance structure and voted to dissolve the Basic Skills, Student Equity Workforce (SEW), and SSSP committees. The AB 705 Committee will continue as a study group to monitor the progress of implementation in math and to plan the implementation in English and ESL. The E&E Committee will consult with the Academic Senate to see how the COOL committee should continue working on developing a set of college-wide online standards.

The Guided Pathways committee would continue as a study group with the following tasks:
  • Explore ADTs as a Guided Pathway and provide a course mapping for students to complete an ADT in a given amount of time based on the student's FT/PT status.
  • Lead the college in developing a Guided Pathways program that would transform the educational experience for students entering Foothill.
The committee will continue as a study group for the duration of the funding period of the Guided Pathways initiative. E&E will ask Council for guidance on how the professional development and transfer committees should continue.

E&E tasked members with determining progress on activities and learning communities listed in the Student Equity Plan 1.0.

Revenue & Resources Committee
The Revenue & Resources (RR) Committee met on Oct. 19. The first meeting focused on identifying the committee's agenda for the year. Initial discussion reviewed the questions from the President's Office and identified possible themes, focusing on issues related to funding, facilities, and planning. The committee was presented with the proposed draft Resource Request form developed by the Integrated Planning & Budget Task Force (IP&B). Feedback was welcomed and encouraged. 

The next meeting on Nov. 16 will deepen committee members' understanding of the college's various funding streams: Student Centered Funding Formula (SCFF); basic skills; equity; Student Success and Support Program (3SP) block grant; Strong Workforce; Perkins; Adult Education Programs (AEP); etc., including facilities use and rental processes, along with a bookstore budget update.

Winter Registration Starts Soon
Winter registration begins Nov. 14. Please encourage students to continue their studies into the next quarter. 
Foothill Family Night at
She Kills Monsters
Bring your family and friends to a free showing of Foothill Theatre Arts' new play
She Kills Monsters this Thursday, Nov. 8, at 7:30 p.m.

Join us at Casa Lupe in downtown Los Altos at 5:30 p.m. for a no-host dinner pre-show! 
Participate in a Focus Group
We need your help! Please join us for a Focus Group on Wednesday, Nov. 14, or Thursday, Nov. 15, to discuss all the exciting things happening at Foothill College. Focus groups will only last one hour, and we need your feedback to make Foothill the best college it can be. To sign up or for more details, please contact Vanessa Smith, Interim Director, Marketing & Public Relations, at smithvanessa@fhda.edu.
Counselors' Corner
Four Reasons for Students to See a Counselor in November
Hello, colleagues! Greetings from the Counseling Center. November is a busy month for students as important dates and deadlines quickly approach. We encourage you to share this information with students.
#1 MIDTERMS AND WITHDRAWAL DEADLINE (NOV. 16) This is a good time for students to reflect on current academic performance in their courses. What is going well? What needs improvement? Should they stay in the class or withdraw? Counselors play an important role in helping students resolve these academic challenges.
#2 CHOOSE CLASSES FOR WINTER 2019 Choosing courses with a counselor is a vital step in achieving student success. Remind students that registration opens on Nov. 14 and to plan accordingly.
#3 APPLY FOR UC/CSU BY NOV. 30 CSU and UC applications are open NOW for fall 2019 transfer. Counselors help with the following: navigate the application process, evaluate eligibility to apply, determine remaining requirements for the year, review personal insight questions and more!
#4 FALL 2018 GRADUATION APPLICATIONS DUE NOV. 30 Students completing remaining courses for a degree this quarter must meet with a counselor to submit their graduation petition.
Foothill counselors support students in reaching their personal, academic and career goals. It is recommended that students meet with a counselor at least once per quarter. Counseling is available Monday-Friday in person and via telephone or Zoom. Students may contact a friendly Counseling Center staff member to schedule a 30-minute appointment or learn more about 10-minute Quick Question sessions!
Questions, comments, suggestions or feedback for us? Please contact fhcounseling@fhda.edu.

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