October 2015
Staff and students encouraged to attend active shooter training

 The FHDA Police Department is hosting a series of active shooter training for faculty, staff, and students. Each session will last one hour and will be taught by two district police officers. Specialized training has been scheduled for specific groups, but general sessions are also available:
Faculty and Staff
Thursday, October 20; 3 pm; Room 1943
Tuesday, October 27; 3 pm; Toyon Room
Wednesday, October 28; 10 am and 1 pm; Hearthside Lounge
Tuesday, November 3; 2 pm and 4 pm; Toyon Room
Wednesday, November 4; 8 am; Toyon Room
Thursday, November 5; 1 pm; Toyon Room
A training will also take place at the Middlefield Campus, but the date has not yet been finalized.

Additionally, campus administration is scheduling a lockdown drill for November. In the meantime, employees are encouraged to visit http://www.foothill.edu/staff/training.php for valuable emergency planning resources.

Planning and Resource Council (PaRC) Update

Below is a summary of the action and information items from the most recent Planning and Resource Council (PaRC) meeting. For complete minutes and first-reads, please visit the PaRC website.

Andrew LaManque presented the Basic Skills Report submitted to the State Chancellor's Office. The majority of the report discussed success with the Math Summer Bridge and Embedded Tutoring as well as the roll-out of the English Summer Bridge this past summer term. It was noted that the cohort success percentages (broken down by ethnicity) require re-calculation and a second review. Math faculty will be consulted.
Andrew LaManque presented the Fall 2015 Accreditation Follow-Up Report, which discusses incorporation of SLOs into the faculty evaluation process. This document includes working links, as the previously submitted document included broken links (to relevant evidence/documentation).
Isaac Escoto and Lan Truong presented on the current draft of the SSSP Report. Lan noted that a core part of the report was the Student Success Collaborative and its work over the summer to discuss student equity and student success. Isaac added that adjustments to how orientation is conducted (counselor-led group workshops) and the addition of the Quick Question tables to reach out to more students were also discussed. Lan also noted that counseling is working with Judy Baker to implement online group sessions to reach out to the large online student population who cannot come in for face-to-face counseling.
Kimberlee Messina presented the Fall 2015 Hiring Prioritization document. The District allocated 7 full-time faculty positions for Foothill College (11 positions ranked, 7 positions funded). For detailed explanation regarding ranking and non-prioritized positions, please refer to the PaRC website.
Paul Starer presented an overview of the proposed Student Success & Retention Team, the result of summer collaboration between Basic Skills, Student Equity, and SSSP. Prior to the summer, there was isolated collaborative efforts - over the summer, the intention was to think comprehensively about budgets and other initiatives in order to avoid overlapping efforts and double work.
Andrew LaManque presented the Early Assessment Program policy. EAP is a standardized assessment administered to 11th grade students in California.
Students who complete the EAP can use the scores to be placed into college level math and English courses at any California State University (CSU)
and at participating California Community Colleges (CCC). The purpose of the EAP is to give students an early indicator of their college preparedness
in math and English.
Foothill College accepts EAP results for placement into Math and English courses.
  • If student received a "standard exceeded" result on the Math portion of EAP, the student is eligible for Math 10, 11, 44, 48A.
  • If a student received a "standard exceeded" result on the English portion of EAP, the student is eligible for English 1A.
  • EAP scores are valid for one year.
Foothill College enrollment update

After years of declining enrollment, Foothill College is no longer losing students! As of Tuesday, October 6, the college has a total headcount of 13,499 and an FTES of 3,489. Census data shows that the college has grown in its key areas, including online, computer science, and core general education courses, which have helped to offset losses incurred as a result of repeatablity restrictions. As planning for the Sunnyvale Center continues, the college is forecasting additional growth in targeted areas.

Parking permit machines now accept credit/debit cards

The Foothill College parking permit machines now accept credit/cards in addition to cash. Machines accept $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills, but do not make change.

New wireless network removes need to re-enter username and password

ETS has implemented a new wireless network that will allow users to automatically reconnect without having to re-enter a username and password. The College WiFi network is live throughout the main campus as well as De Anza. Users will only be required to login again when their MyPortal password changes.

Dia de Los Muertos celebration: October 28 - November 2

The Foothill College community is invited to bring an ofrenda, an offering, to show love and remembrance for loved ones who have passed away, during the college's Dia de Los Muertos celebration, taking place between Wednesday, October 2 - Monday, November 2 in the breezeway adjacent to the ASFC Smart Shop.  
D�a de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a tradition celebrated by many Latin American countries and Latinos in the United States. The tradition honors loved ones who have passed away and invites the souls of the departed to visit the living to hear the prayers and stories of remembrance from their friends and family. While honoring the dead, D�a de los Muertos also celebrates life.

Part of the tradition of Day of the Dead is to build an altar. Students and staff are invited to bring a picture, memorabilia, favorite food or beverage, decorated sugar skulls, and flowers as an offering to loved ones. A memorial card will be available to write personal intentions or stories. Some individuals write funny anecdotes, or describe interesting habits or attitudes.  

Flu shots available at Health Services while supplies last

Health Services is offering free and discounted flu shots to Foothill College employees and students. Students must show proof of current enrollment, while faculty, staff, and retirees with valid ID must pay $10. Payment by credit card or check is preffered.

An appointment is not necessary. Vaccinations are administered in the Health Services Office (Room 2126) weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 to 4:30 p.m. The office is closed the fourth Monday of each month at 3 p.m. For more information, call (650) 949-7243.

Foothill College faculty, staff, and students in the news

English adjunct faculty member Robert Reese spoke on a panel at the Koreans and Camptowns Conference hosted by the UC Berkeley Center for Korean Studies. The conference aimed the spotlight the intersection of American military presence and Korean society, focusing on exploring the lives of people who lived in the camptowns and the historical context surrounding the overseas adoption of thousands of mixed-race children.

The Family Engagement Institute (FEI) was recently awarded a Kaiser Permanente, South Bay grant in the amount of $45,000 for 2015-2016. This is the third year in a row the FEI has won the award.
Dental Hygeine adjunct instructor Catherine Draper was named the Stanford Health Care, Jeanne Kennedy Volunteer of the Year Award for 2015. She was honored for her 20 years and over 2,700 hours of service as a library reference associate at the Stanford Hospital Health Library.

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