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Statway® Program

Since 2011, Foothill has offered students an exciting way to complete a transferable Statistics course in two quarters! The two course sequence, Math 217 followed by Math 17, provide a different approach to how statistics has been traditionally taught.

Statway® is a 2-quarter sequence designed to take students to and through college level statistics. Students completing the Statway® sequence will understand that data analysis is a process that begins with the formulation of a question that can be addressed with appropriate data, followed by the development of a thoughtful plan for identifying and collecting the necessary data. Students will know how data can be displayed and summarized in informative ways, and they will understand how the data can be used to draw conclusions in the presence of uncertainty. In short, students in the Statway® sequence will learn how to use statistical tools intelligently and to be sophisticated consumers of information from studies whose conclusions are based on real world data.

Who Should Choose Statway®

We are recommending Statway® to students who would like a thoughtful, carefully designed and nationally proven 2-quarter approach to statistics, grounded in real-world contexts.

What requirements does the Statway® sequence satisfy?

Statway allows students to earn 5 units GE math credit for an AA degree at Foothill College.   It satisfies the GE math requirement for many allied health programs at Foothill College.  Additionally, it is widely accepted as meeting GE Math Proficiency for a BA or BS in the CSU and UC systems.  Units vary.  Check with a counselor to see if this would be a good choice for you!


Important: Students must complete both Statway® courses (MATH 217 AND MATH 17) to get this credit. Completing only the first course results in no degree-applicable units.

When is it offered?

Please contact the department to inquire when the next cohort of Statway® will begin.

What should students expect?

Students in the Statway® sequence will work with real world data sets and tackle problems that they hopefully will find relevant and interesting. Through class discussions, peer interactions, and hard work, students will improve their quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Students are expected to come to class every day, on time, ready to work hard. Students will be responsible for buying printed lecture notes from the Smart Shop and bringing them to class. Students will spend a lot of time reading about, discussing, and working on statistics problems. This class will require a lot more reading and group work than most college math classes. Students will transition frequently from silent reading to paired work, to larger group work, to whole-class discussions.

Students will be required to interface with a website for this class. Most homework assignments will be accessed via an online resource. So students should plan to spend time on campus in the labs. Outdated hardware, software, and slow internet connections may make it impractical for some students to complete their homework at home. There will be numerous assessments during the sequence, some online, and some on paper.

Have More Questions?

Students interested in enrolling in the course may contact the instructors or Foothill's Counselors for more information. Or directly email to see if this is right for you!

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