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Foothill College Stands for a Democratic and Just Society

Jan. 6, 2021

Dear Foothill Students,

I hope you are staying healthy and getting settled into your classes.  

I write to you as I watch Congress certify the votes—thus, rejecting the President's unfounded statements that the election was fraudulent. Today, Congress was violently disrupted when a mob illegally seized the Capitol building. Twitter has suspended the President’s account, and leaders from both political parties have condemned these criminal acts and the President’s role in inciting violence with falsehoods and false hopes.

This act of violence on our nation’s capital and the President’s own conduct go against the core values of Foothill: honesty, integrity, and trust. Foothill College's own mission and definition of equity speak to our college’s unique role in our democracy:

Believing a well-educated population is essential to sustaining a democratic and just society, we commit to the work of equity, which is to dismantle oppressive systems (structural, cultural, and individual) and create a college community where success is not predictable by race.”

For many people, today’s criminal acts are deeply saddening, but not a surprise. These events are not only an affront to our democracy and the peaceful transition of power, but also, once again, evidence of the destructive nature of white supremacy and the venom of systemic racism.

Foothill College will continue to work for a more inclusive democracy.

Foothill College believes Black Lives Matter. 

Foothill College is committed to dismantling oppressive structures, including white supremacy. 

Today’s events have proven that we all need to work harder to achieve “a more perfect Union” and to ensure that although “the arc of the moral universe is long . . . it bends toward justice” as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said. My family and I fled communism as boat people in search of freedom and democracy. We saw the United States of America as a beacon of democracy, yet this country has a long history of racism. Today’s events remind us that democracy is fragile and must be fought for every day.

The faculty and staff of Foothill College are committed to supporting your educational goals. We encourage you to harness your voice and leadership skills through the service of others, and in that process, develop your skills to distinguish facts from lies and learn how to engage productively with people whose opinions differ from us.

Please join me tomorrow, Jan. 7, at noon for my virtual Boba Tea with President Thuy. I would love to hear from you, whether it be about today's events or how your classes are going.

Today will impact each of us in different ways—many times, due to our political views and our lived racial experiences. One thing remains true: voting matters and as college students, our country needs you more than ever to commit yourself to voting, engaging civically, and fighting for the rights of others.

2021 must be a year of solutions. I encourage you to work toward solutions to unite our country.

Be safe. Be well. Lead with service above self.


Thuy Thi Nguyen
President, Foothill College


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