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ASFC Smart Shop & Design Center

OwlCard & Quarter Sticker

Smart Shop Now Open

The Smart Shop is now open to pick up your OwlCard in person. Fall quarter stickers will be available Oct 14.

You can still access your Digital Student ID via MyPortal or the Foothill College mobile app. See instructions below.


The Smart Shop is also printing faculty & staff FHDA employee id cards.

Student ID with Foothsie


Access Your Student ID Card Online

Find your digital ID via MyPortal or the Foothill mobile app.


  1. LOG IN to MyPortal
  2. CLICK/TAP the Apps Menu
  3. FIND and CLICK/TAP the Digital ID Card tile
  4. If you are currently enrolled in a class, you will see your Student ID with your status as a student for the current term.
  5. You can print your Student ID if you have access to a printer.

Foothill College App

  1. From the Foothill student mobile app, CLICK/TAP the "hamburger" menu on the the top right corner.
  2. CLICK/TAP on Digital ID Card
  3. You may need to SIGN INTO MyPortal
  4. If the Digital ID Card doesn't display, navigate to the Digital ID Card tile
  5. You will see your Foothill College Digital ID for your Current Term.
    NOTE: If you are a new student, your ID will not include a photo. You may use another photo ID along with your Foothill College Digital ID.

Pick Up Your Student ID Card at the Smart Shop —Service Now Available.

We're located in the Campus Center, Upper Level, Room 2016.

  1. You must be registered in at least one class
  2. Have paid your student body fees
  3. Show your government issued ID — passport,  driver license or state id. Scanned copies not accepted.
  4. Be photo ready so that you love using your OwlCard  for discounts and other services on and off campus.

Keep Your OwlCard Current with a Quarterly Sticker

  • You will need to verify the payment of your Student Body Fee each quarter by picking up an OwlCard Sticker in the Smart Shop after you've paid your registration and student fees.
  • The current sticker allows you to continuously enjoy your OwlCard benefits as long as you are an enrolled Foothill student.
  • The OwlCard stickers are issued by the Smart Shop.


Request a Refund for the ASFC Student Body Fee

  1. Complete the Refund for ASFC Student Body Fee form
  2. Bring it to the Smart Shop or email it to


Q. What if I lose my OwlCard?

You can replace your lost OwlCard at the ASFC Smart Shop (Campus Center, Room 2016).

  • Make sure you bring  your current government issued ID with you.
  • The replacement fee is $5.00 (cash or check).
  • Stop by the ASFC Smart Shop in room 2016 to deactivate your lost OwlCard as soon as possible.

Q. What if my OwlCard is stolen?

You can replace your stolen OwlCard at the ASFC Smart Shop (Campus Center, Room 2016).

  • File a police report and bring this police report to the ASFC Smart Shop.
  • Make sure you bring your current government issued ID with you.
  • There is no replacement fee for a stolen OwlCard if you have a police report.
  • There is a $5.00 replacement fee (cash or check) if you do not have a police report.
  • Stop by the ASFC Smart Shop at 2016 to deactivate your stolen OwlCard as soon as possible.

Q. Can I lend my OwlCard to someone else?

Rights and privileges associated with an OwlCard are non-transferable.

  • Do not lend your OwlCard to anyone.
  • You are held accountable for all transactions conducted with your OwlCard.
  • Always carry your OwlCard with you as it is your proof that you are a Foothill College student, and by showing your OwlCard you will receive discounts at many places.
  • View the list of OwlCard benefits  below on this page.

Q. What if I find someone else's OwlCard?

Please return it to the ASFC Smart Shop (Campus Center, Room 2016). Attempting to use a lost and/or stolen OwlCard for any purpose can be considered a theft.

Discounts with Your OwlCard

With your OwlCard in hand, you'll be eligible for these discount benefits!

On Campus

Textbook Rental Program & Buyback
Foothill Bookstore - Campus Center Room 2301
Campus Cafeteria
10% OFF
ASFC Smart Shop
Campus Center, Room 2016
Discounts on copy & fax Services
Discounted AMC and Century movie passes
ASFC Design Center
Campus Center, Room 2017
Discounts on Design Center Services
Foothill Theatre Arts
Discounts on Admission for Foothill Theatre Arts Production
VTA SmartPass
$5.75-$7.75 Per quarter; unlimited rides

Off Campus

Jersey Mike's Subs
634 San Antonio Road, Mountain View, CA 95050
Free Combo, Buy 1 Sub, Get Chips & Drink Free
Tea Era
271 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041
10% OFF
¡Una Mas!
1040 Grant Road, #305, Mountain View, CA 94040
15% OFF


Printable PDF: OwlCard Discounts

Campus Center Building

Room 2016

ASFC Smart Shop & Design Center


Campus Center, Building 2000 Upper Level Room 2016


Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m.– 2:30 p.m.
Friday: Closed
Closed: Nov. 11, 25 & 26