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Foothill College Drama Department Presents
A Penny for a Song

A Penny for a Song

It is 1804 in Dorset, England. On a beautifully sunny day Sir Timothy Bellboys reveals his lunatic plan to shingle handedly defeat Napoleon's army in the anticipated attack. Can he do it? His plan requires a well, a hot air balloon, a lookout in the back yard tree and a French phrase book. But, before we have time to decide, the plan is in action involving the rest of the family, signal flags, the local volunteer army of fire fighters and visiting friends from London. Fire engines hum and cannonballs roll through the garden as the daughter of the house and a blind soldier, led by an orphan boy, fall in love and discover the pain and absurdity of war.

John Whiting wrote this brilliant, whimsical comedy in 1951. His memorable characters, delightful dialogue and thought provoking ideas on love and war deftly combine farce with with his unique  poetic charm. Although one of England's master playwrights, he is not as well known in the United States. This production at Foothill College offers an unusual opportunity to see one of his great plays performed.

Michael McDonald
Show: A Penny for a Song
Author:  John Whiting
Director:  Marcia Frederick
Set Design:  Joe Ragey
Costume Design:  Julie Engelbrecht
Graphic Design:  Daniela C. Nelke

Tom Ammon, Arturo Dirzo, Brandon Hemmig, David Hundsness, Brennan Holness, Kevin Klein, Elizabeth Lowenstein, Norman Luce, Michael McDonald, Kate McKnight, Taylor J. Smith, Jennifer Strange, Ron Talbot.

Foothill College Playhouse (Room 1301), 12345 El Monte Road (I-280 at El Monte Road), Los Altos Hills, CA

$16 General Admission
$12 Students & Seniors.

PARKING: Parking in lots #1 & #6 only is included in the ticket price.  There is no need to purchase a permit to attend shows if patrons park in either of those two lots only.  Lot #6 provides access without stairs.

Jennifer Strange, Kevin Klein, David Hundsness
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