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About Our Program

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What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of human groups, societies and patterns of interaction in real life settings — from the global to the personal level. Our Sociology courses use a variety of perspectives to analyze human social behavior and change. We examine the broad connections among personal life, public issues, and the social structure.  Sociology is an evidence based social science so learning about data gathering and evidence based analysis is a key part of the curriculum. Foothill College's Sociology Program faculty are energized by the field, and enjoy working with students in sharing its potential to create a better world and to improve the human condition.

The Sociological Imagination

C. Wright Mills coined the term "The Sociological Imagination" as the ability to see and understand the connection between the social structure and our personal lives; the relationship between broad social forces and our everyday experiences. Sociology courses help us discover and apply our Sociological Imaginations,

Online Sociology Program Ranked #1!

Based on data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) through a multi-point methodology to find out which schools could be called the best online colleges for Sociology, Foothill’s program was ranked #1 in the nation for all colleges and universities.

For more details: Foothill Online Sociology Ranked #1!

Career Opportunities

A major in sociology prepares students to work in a variety of employment sectors.

The level of education completed influences the range of career opportunities offered. Advanced degrees in Sociology broaden students' career paths to include high school through university teaching, research, consulting, business, politics, journalism, public relations, and public administration and all fields that require strong analytical skills and attention to issues of diversity.

A Foundation for Other Professions

As a liberal arts major, Sociology also provides a foundation for various professions such as social welfare, law, marketing, non-profit management, and counseling. Regardless of focus, all sociology students should become proficient in writing and speaking, research techniques, and technology.


What you can do with a degree in Sociology

  • Social Worker
  • Lawyer
  • Marketing & Public Relations Specialist
  • Teacher
  • Journalist
  • Counselor

Degrees & Certificates

View the list below for programs offered at Foothill. Then select a program map for a possible schedule that fulfills program and college requirements.

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Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree

Associate in Arts Degree


We offer a broad range of sociology courses offered in face to face, hybrid and online formats. See our course catalog for a full listing and detailed descriptions.

SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology (5 units)
SOC 8 Popular Culture (4 units)
SOC 10 Research Methods & Designs (5 units)
SOC 11 Introduction to Social Welfare (5 units)
SOC 14 Sociology of Crime (4 units)
SOC 15 Law & Society (4 units)
SOC 19 Alcohol & Drug Abuse (4 units)
SOC 20 Major Social Problems (4 units)
SOC 23 Race & Ethnic Relations (4 units)
SOC 28 Sociology of Gender (4 units)
SOC 30 Social Psychology (4 units)
SOC 40 Aspects of Marriage & Family (4 units)
SOC 45 Sociology of Sexuality (4 units)
SOC 50A Social Work / Human Services Seminar (1.5 units)
SOC 50B Social Work / Human Services Fieldwork (3 units)


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