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Alexis AguilarF Geography Instructor 650.949.7580Email
Micaela AgyareF Instruction Librarian 650.949.7086Email
Jessica AlarconF Division Assistant Email
Tony ArellanoF Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator 650.949.7057Email
Hilary BaconF Counselor 650.949.7773Email
Laurie BertaniF Athletic Counselor (650) 949-7164Email
John BlackP Environmental Horticulture Instructor 650.866.5323Email
Allison ClarkP Psychology Instructor Email
Lisa DeLapoF Innovator in Residence - Krause Center for Innovation 650-949-7010Email
Kimberly EscamillaF English Instructor (650) 949-7316Email
Owen FlanneryF Head Coach Men's Soccer, Physical Education Instructor (650) 949-7213Email
Paul GlantingP English Instructor 650.949.7444Email
Juston GlassP Accounting Instructor 650.949.7777Email
Hilary GomesF Studio Art Instructor (650) 949-7585Email
Elaine HaightF Computer Science Instructor (650) 949-7624Email
Mary HollandF Chemistry Instructor (650)949-7426Email
Neelam JhaP Instructor, PHT 650-949-6121Email
Lane JohnsonP STEM Center Instructor 650.949.7042Email
Konstantin KalaitzidisF Program Coordinator II 650.949.7036Email
Rula KhayrallahP Computer Science Instructor Email
Eric KneelandP Graphic & Interactive Design Instructor kneelanderic@fhda.eduEmail
Claire KoukoutsakisP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Lalitha KrishnamurthyP Computer Science Instructor Email
Connie LaP Instructor, BIology Email
Grant LackeyP Instructor Email
Giorgio LagnaP Biology Instructor 650.949.7128Email
Jim LaiP Computer Science Instructor Email
Phuong LamF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7406Email
Geri LambleP Computer Science Instructor Email
Kimberly LaneF Counseling Chair & International Counselor/ Instructor (650) 949-7567Email
Joanna LankesterP Computer Science Instructor 650.949.7259Email
Scott LankfordF Professor of English, Stanford GEN Global Educators Network Director of Communication Email
Robert LanzP ESL Instructor Email
Amber LaPianaF English Instructor (650) 949-7678Email
Londa LarsonF Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7385Email
Mary Ashley LattaP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Natalie LatteriP Humanities Instructor n/aEmail
Bobby LauP Physics Instructor Email
Laurence LewF Business Instructor (650) 949-6138Email
Douglas LublinP Mathematics Instructor 650.949.7259Email
LaDawn MeadeP Computer Science Instructor Email
Michelle MullaneP Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Lauri PapayP Mathematics instructor Email
Laurel PeacockP English Instructor Email
Michele Pilati CorselliP Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Georgia PlattsP Women's Studies Instructor Email
Amidollah SalariP Chemistry instructor Email
Jennifer SinclairF Mathematics Instructor 650.949.7132Email
Sheila SmithP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Ted StotlarP Business Instructor (650) 787-6594Email
Angela SuF Pharmacy Technology Director (650) 949-6121Email
Kella SvetichF English Instructor, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7924Email
Francis Varela-RamirezF Administrative Assistant II (650) 949.7101Email
Lauren VelascoF Professor of Communication Studies; Honors Institute; Umoja (650) 949-7416Email
Tracy VillanuevaF EMS Program Director, Instructor Email
Voltaire VillanuevaP Psychology Instructor (650) 949-7428Email