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How to Get Your Pass

Thank you for choosing Foothill College to pursue your academic career. As a Foothill student, you can enjoy unlimited rides on VTA bus and light rail lines.

A student is eligible to use the Eco Pass VTA transit pass provided that students are enrolled in classes for the quarter and their fees are paid or they are on an installment payment plan.

Follow These Steps...

1 Register for classes and pay your fees Go to MyPortal to register for your classes. You will be automatically charged a mandatory Eco Pass fee - See Fees.
2 Get Your Personalized Clipper Card You must get your personalized Clipper Card from the Smart Shop. KEEP THIS CARD, IT IS GOOD FOR MULTIPLE QUARTERS AND FOR LIFE BEYOND FOOTHILL COLLEGE. Then once you pay all your Foothill College fees, your card is updated to work with VTA.
3 Register Your Clipper Card Online with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Go to and click on the "Register a card" link on the top left side of the page. You will need to create a My Clipper account. If you do not register your card and you lose it you will lose all non-Eco Pass values you have placed on the card. If you place other values on to the Clipper Card you will be able to use it for multiple transit agencies.
4 Enjoy Unlimited Rides on VTA Buses and Light Rail within Santa Clara County See VTA routes to Foothill that travel from where you live and work. The Eco Pass on your Clipper Card will be valid for the following periods of each quarter. As long as you are enrolled and have paid all of your fees you will be able to enjoy unlimited ridership. Simply wand your Clipper Card next to the fare box when entering the bus/light rail.

Eco Pass Quarter Eco Pass Ordering Begins Eco Pass Ordering Ends Eco Pass Valid From Eco Pass Valid To
Summer 8th week of spring 8th week of summer 4 weeks before end of spring 2 weeks after start of fall
Fall 9th week of summer 8th week of fall 2 weeks before start of fall 2 weeks after start of winter
Winter 9th week of fall 8th week of winter 2 weeks before end of fall 2 weeks after start of spring
Spring 9th week of winter 8th week of spring 2 weeks before end of winter 2 weeks after start of summer

The Eco Pass is for currently enrolled Foothill students only. Any other use constitutes fraud.

5 Got questions not answered here? See our Frequently Asked Questions page.

VTA Routes to Foothill College


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