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Planning & Resource Council (PaRC)

PaRC Overview

PaRC Planning Documents


Our Charge

PaRC oversees and drives institutional planning and assessment of all collegewide plans, including

  • Strategic Plan Commitments to action
  • Instructional/ Student Services/ Administrative Program Plans,
  • Accreditation Planning Agendas
  • Facilities, Technology, Student Equity, and DSPS Plans.

PaRC Responsibilities

  • Prioritize expenditures to advance the Strategic Initiatives including resource requests
  • Approve the priorities for division budgets
  • Develop policy regarding budget reduction
  • Review College and District policies and develops procedures to implement policy.
  • Provide Accreditation Oversight
  • Advise the President on issues regarding campus climate and well-being
  • Evaluate instructional program discontinuance proposal
  • Promote awareness and understanding of Foothill College budgeting, FHDA district budget, and the state budget.
  • Evaluate proposed new instructional and student services programs against sustainability and compatibility with Foothill Strategic Initiatives




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