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Honors Courses are for Everyone

Berkeley Field Trip March 2024

Honors courses at Foothill College are open access and you do not need to submit an application to participate in the program. Our honors program is open to all students from all different backgrounds.  Interested and want to learn more? Click here to get on the list.

Questions? Contact us via email or give us a call.   Add the Honors Canvas Course -- for a more community driven experience with honors.

Just enroll in an honors class to join honors - no requirements needed. Then sign up to be an honors scholar.

Honors Plan Ahead Cheat Sheet

Everyone who commits to transfering as an honors student should sign up and make the pledge to be an Honors Scholar Transfer Student. Do that here.

Introductory Helpful Videos, Why Honors & Meet Alekos, a typical honor student at Foothill

To register for an honors course, you simply need to identify the course, any prerequisites, and then add the course (as you would with non-honors courses) through the Student Registration menu at

Set up an appointment with Tracee the Honors Counselor Extraordinaire or just drop in!

Next steps, the Honors Transfer Program

Consider joining our Honors Transfer Program. Experience specialized courses, special focus seminars, exposure to exciting cultural opportunities, and transfer scholarship opportunities. You are in good hands with the Honors Institute. Our very own counselors, faculty and staff will work with you every step of the way.


Click Here to Join The
Honors Transfer Program

You can also increase chances of being accepted to UCLA's College of Letters and Sciences.

Please make sure to meet with an honors counselor on a regular basis and submit a counseling report form on a quarterly basis to ensure you are fulfilling the requirements for General Education, your major, and/or participation in an Honors Transfer Program. Here is an Orientation Powerpoint .


70-95% of TAP students are admitted to UCLA versus 14-20% of all other transfer applicants.

Transfer Students

Universities are looking for a few outstanding students who do more than the minimum and actively pursue our honors students.

We are one of only a handful of northern California colleges participating in the prestigious UCLA TAP (Transfer Alliance program).

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to complete the Honors Scholar Program and become eligible for:

  • Priority admission consideration if applying to UCLA College of Letters and Science
  • Priority admission consideration if applying to UC Irvine Honors Program

Honors Research Events

Each year the Bay Honors Consortium hosts its annual Honors Research Symposium alternating at either Stanford or UC Berkeley. The symposium provides an opportunity for community college honors students to present their original research and to have their work published in The Journal of the Bay Honors Consortium. The Bay Honors Consortium antipates resuming the Research Symposium May 2024, all students will not have to pay for attendance.

In addition, the Honors Transfer Council of California, along with UC Irvine, also sponsors the Community College Honors Research Conference. UCI's annual conference allows community college honors students to present their academic work. Students are invited to submit proposals for research-based presentations, posters, and creative performances reflecting inquiry into the humanities, sciences, arts, social sciences, and pre-professional programs.


Some data from the 2022-2023 year.


575 students enrolled in an honors course last academic year

66 Honors Scholars last year (goes on your transcript)  
65 UCLA TAP applicants, 50 admits = 77% admit rate [admit rate for non TAP 21%]  

Honors Courses

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Honors Institute


Bldg 1900, Office 1961

Honors Counseling with Tracee Cunningham


Tuesday, 7/30 to Thursday, 8/22

Bldg 1900, Office 1961

Mondays 11 a.m.–1 p.m.



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Wednesdays Noon–1:30 p.m.

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Questions? Email us at and we'll respond right away!