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What's Your Story?

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Since 2016, each spring we ask students, faculty, staff, and community members to share their stories with the Foothill campus.

At the Human Library, instead of checking out books, you check out people, read them, and chat with them about their stories, one to one, breaking down prejudice and stereotypes.

For the event to succeed, we need readers. But, more importantly, we need "books" to share their stories. 

Human Library 2019

Thank you to everyone who boldly shared their personal life stories as "books" at our Human Library this year on June 5, 2019.

CLICK to view our gallery of photos for download or watch the 2019 Reading Gallery slide show below!

Featured Speaker

A special shout out is in order to our featured book, James McGrath—FHDA Alum, Air Force Veteran, Law School President, AIDS and LGBTQ Activist—sharing a provocative life story.

2019 Reading Gallery

The Foothill Human Library is modeled with permission on the philosophy of the international organization, The Human Library. Our Foothill Human Library is designed to break through stereotypes, establish connections, and deepen our appreciation for each other, so that we can break silos and build our campus and district communities.

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