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Vet Tech Clinic Offers Free Services for Students, Staff

February 15, 2022

white dog with a stethoscopeAs part of our spring anesthesia lab, we're providing free spays, neuters and dental cleaning for dogs and cats of Foothill students, staff, and faculty beginning in April 2022 and each spring quarter ongoing. 

Students will be performing pre-anesthetic evaluations, patient preparation, anesthesia induction, monitoring and recovery of anesthesia under the direct supervision of registered veterinary technicians (RVTs) and veterinarians. Licensed veterinarians will perform the surgical procedures.

There are risks and potential complications associated with any anesthetic procedure even in seemingly healthy animals. These risks can run from minor problems, such as mild vomiting after recovery from anesthesia to life-threatening problems such as cardiac arrest or stroke.

Since students will be involved with these procedures, the length of time the patients are under anesthesia will be longer. The increased length of time does increase the anesthetic risk.

See the criteria and next steps for setting an appointment for your pet