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Engineers push us into the future, designing solutions that are safe, sustainable, and easy to use, and creating a better world when done right. Have you ever thought of how a product could be better? Then you can be an engineer too! 

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Two female engineering students working on a bridge project
At Foothill College, the engineering major provides a solid foundation in what is normally referred to as the "engineering core" at most colleges and universities. The major is designed so that, in most cases, it provides all of the basic subjects necessary for a smooth transfer to your chosen college or university.


What you can do with a degree in Engineering

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Biomedical devices engineer
  • Product design engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Automotive engineer

Degree & Program Types

Check out this list for a quick view of our engineering programs. For program requirements and full course listings, view degrees and certificates information.

Associate in Science Degree

  • Engineering

What Former Students Say

What do you love about being an engineer? The challenge of finding a solution to a problem and applying the knowledge gained in school to real world problems.

What do you like about the lifestyle of an engineer? There are a lot of job opportunities in different fields around the country and world.

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Learn What It Takes to Pursue the Engineering Pathway

Creativity, teamwork, and communication are important skills for engineers. An understanding of math and science helps in seeing ways to make improvements and identify and solve problems. And as with any field, students should seek out support academically, financially, and through mentorship. We can help you with this at Foothill.

Start by reading more about engineering and what engineers do and how to plan a course of study to earn a degree.


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