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Steps to Register for Classes

Steps to Register

Registration Dates & Deadlines

Summer Session 2024

Fall Quarter 2024

Before You Start

Priority Registration

NEW STUDENTS: To register for classes in MyPortal, you must first apply for admission. Remember to declare a major (not "undecided") and select a goal of transfer, degree or certificate if you want to qualify for priority enrollment. Then come back to this page and follow the steps below to register for classes.

FORMER STUDENTS: You must reapply for admission if you missed a term, except if you skipped summer session. 

If you want to request an add code for an online class AFTER the quarter starts, you must be a continuing student or apply for admission to Foothill first.

Accessing Student Registration

  1. LOG IN to MyPortal.
  2. SELECT Apps from menu.
  3. Under Students, SELECT Student Registration.
    4 tiles Student Registration last
  4. Under Registration Tools, SELECT Registration Dashboard. IMPORTANT: For how to use the Dashboard tools, see MyPortal Registration Guide. For information about registration policies, read Using the Registration Tools on the page below.

About Registration Steps

Get Your Date to Register

  • View your date and time to register, available a couple weeks before registration begins and based on your completion of priority enrollment steps, student status and number of units completed.
  • Log in to MyPortal > CLICK Apps from left menu > CLICK on the Student Registration tile > Under Registration Tools > CLICK on Registration Dashboard > CLICK on Prepare for Registration to find your registration date and time and check for any holds on your account.

  • Register for (add) classes in MyPortal as soon as you can for the best chances of getting into the classes that you need.

View Searchable Schedule of Classes

Log in to MyPortal to Register (Add) Classes

Get on the Waitlist

  • Review waitlist policies before placing your name on a waitlist.
  • Remember: If space becomes available, you will be automatically enrolled in the class and notified by email. If you no longer want this class, it is your responsibility to drop it.
  • Update your personal information in MyPortal and check your email often.

Pass/No Pass Grading

You can request a P/NP grade through the completion of the course.

  • Before the first day of the quarter, you may request the P/NP grade option in MyPortal.
  • After the class begins, you must use the Conversion of Letter Grade to Pass/No Pass form and turn in to the Admissions Office.
  • Some transfer institutions will not accept pass/no pass grades, and we cannot change a P/NP to a letter grade per state regulations.

For questions regarding this policy, email or consult with your academic counselor.

See full details of pass/no pass policy here.

Dropping Classes

  • You are responsible for dropping courses that you choose to no longer attend.
  • Be aware of academic calendar deadlines for drops for refunds and drops with a W.
  • Drops with Ws are included in the number of times you can repeat a course.

Course Repetition, Repeatability and Families

  • Effective summer 2012, regulations do not allow students to enroll in the same course more than three times.
  • If you receive two W's, two substandard grades, or a combination thereof, the system will block you from enrolling again without an override. You will need to request an override from Admissions and Records to register in the course again. This will be the last time you may enroll in this class at Foothill-De Anza Community College District.
  • Please see your options if you have not successfully completed the course after two attempts.

DegreeWorks, ePrintit, AcademicWorks, ClockWork and More

You'll find details for these tools in Applications (Apps) Section inside MyPortal under the Students listing. You can use the keyword search function or find the appropriate app icon.

Order Your Parking Permit (Note: Parking is free for Summer 2024–Spring 2025)

Almost last but not least! If you drive to campus, order your parking permit.  NO PERMIT REQUIRED for Summer 2024–Spring 2025. If you take transit, get your SmartPass. You've likely already paid for it! It's a quarterly pass to ride VTA transit and part of your student fees if you live in Santa Clara County.

Attend Classes

  • Be on time for the first class meeting. Otherwise, you may be dropped from the class if there is a waitlist. If you no longer want to be enrolled in a class, it is your responsibility to officially drop classes.
  • Need help in your classes? Remember free academic tutorial support is available through our our friendly tutoring centers. Your success at reaching your goals is important to all faculty and staff at Foothill!

Final Grades

  • Normally final grades will be available to view in MyPortal by the second Sunday after finals week if instructors have submitted grades on time.
  • See Viewing Grades for complete information about grades and transcripts.




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