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Humanities Lecture Series

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Fostering Art, Culture and Wisdom

To foster art, culture, critical thinking, and wisdom; the Humanities department’s Lecture Series at Foothill College presents public lectures, featuring artists and scholars from diverse disciplines throughout the academic year.  

The overarching goal of the Humanities Lecture Series is to promote different facets of humanities to a general audience and provide perspectives that intersect with other facets of the human culture at large.  

In bringing together thinkers from across disciplines, we aim to show how the humanities can both inform and shape our individual and collective responses to the many challenges facing humanity in the 21st century and lead us forward with a new self-awareness, a shared sense of purpose, and a sharper recognition of our vital connections to our multiple communities.

Our lectures are free and open to everyone.

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Aida Dargahi


Aida Dargahi, M.A. Humanities Lecture Series Director