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IDEA Center Printing

There are two systems for Printing in the lab.

1. Standard prints, such as a Word document.

We use the district-wide system ePrintIt. Use one of the ePrintIt kiosks around campus. It's easy to open an account and upload a document to print from a phone or computer.

2. Photo-quality prints, on high quality photo paper.

Contact Instructor or Lab Technician before printing.

We have 1 Epson 4880, 1 Epson 3880, and 2 Epson 3800 printers.

You must bring your own photo paper and pay for the prints (which covers ink and maintenance) at the bookstore. Then, bring your receipt to the lab during open lab hours.

Current prices are (subject to change):

8.5x11 $2.00+tax SKU #2504094
11x14 $3.00+tax SKU #2504096
11x17 $3.50+tax SKU #2504097
13x19 $4.00+tax SKU #2504098
17x22 $6.00+tax SKU #2504099

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