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Associate Degree for Transfer-Art History 2019-2020


The study of Art History provides the student with an awareness of art, economic, political, religious and social history, an increased sensitivity to art-related issues and the ability to think critically about art and Art History. Knowledge of Art History engenders a heightened understanding of history, a familiarity with the major issues in human cultural development and the exposure to the artistic expression of varied cultures and civilizations.

Students who complete the Associate in Arts in Art History for Transfer degree will be ensured preferential transfer status to CSUs for Art History majors and majors in related disciplines. The Associate in Arts in Art History for Transfer degree requirements will fulfill the lower division requirements at CSUs. Students are advised, however, to meet with a counselor to assess the course requirements for specific CSUs.

Program Learning Outcomes:

-Students will be able to collect and assess primary and secondary source information and successfully analyze and comment on that information.
-Students will be able to demonstrate in written form a strong awareness of the political, social, religious and technological factors that influence cultures and change in those cultures.

Units Required

  • Major: 90

Degree Requirements:

Associate in Arts in Art History for Transfer requires completion of a minimum of 90 units to include:
-CSU General Education Breadth Requirements or the *Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) (49-58 units) (full certification is required)
-Core and support courses (30 units, of which 12.5 units may satisfy the GE requirement)
-Transferable electives necessary to meet the 90-unit minimum requirement

NOTE: All courses pertaining to the major must be completed with a grade of "C" (or "P") or better. In addition, the student must obtain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Although it is possible to fulfill the requirements for the Associate Degree for Transfer by completing the IGETC for UC pattern, admission to CSU requires completion of an Oral Communication course (IGETC Area 1C; CSU GE Area A-1); therefore, students who plan to transfer to CSU should complete this course as part of their GE or elective units.

Core Courses (17.5 units)

ART 2A History of Art: History of Western Art from Prehistory through Early Christianity (4.5 units)
or ART 2AH Honors History of Art: History of Western Art from Prehistory through Early Christianity (4.5 units)
ART 2B History of Western Art from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (4.5 units)
or ART 2BH Honors History of Western Art from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (4.5 units)
ART 2C History of Western Art from the Baroque to Modernism (4.5 units)
ART 4A Fundamentals in Drawing (4 units)

Support Courses (12.5-17.5 units)

Select ONE course each from List A, List B and List C:

List A:
ART 2F Introduction to Asian Art (4.5 units)

List B:
ART 4B Intermediate Drawing (4 units)
ART 4D Figure Drawing I (4 units)
and* ART 4E Heads & Hands Drawing (4 units)
ART 5A 2-D Foundations (4 units)
ART 5B 3-D Foundations (4 units)
ART 19A Oil Painting I (4 units)
ART 19B Acrylic Painting I (4 units)
ART 44 Ceramic Sculpture (4 units)
ART 45A Beginning Ceramics Handbuilding (4 units)
GID 41 Digital Art & Graphics (4 units)
or ART 14D Digital Art & Graphics (4 units)
PHOT 4A Photoshop for Photographers I (4 units)
PHOT 5 Introduction to Photography (4 units)
* Both courses must be completed to fulfill the requirement.

List C:
Any course not used in List A or List B, or any of the following:
ANTH 2A Cultural Anthropology (4 units)
or ANTH 2AH Honors Cultural Anthropology (4 units)
ART 1 Introduction to Art (4.5 units)
ART 2E A History of Women in Art (4.5 units)
ART 2J American Art (4.5 units)
ART 3 History of Modern Art from Post-Impressionism to the Present (4.5 units)
HIST 4A History of Western Civilization to 800 CE (4 units)
HIST 4B History of Western Civilization: 700-1800 (4 units)
HIST 4C History of Western Civilization 1789-Present (4 units)
or HIST 4CH Honors History of Western Civilization 1789-Present (4 units)
HUMN 1 Cultures, Civilizations & Ideas: The Ancient World (4 units)
HUMN 2 Cultures, Civilizations & Ideas: Of Empires & Conflict (4 units)
JAPN 4 Intermediate Japanese I (5 units)
PHIL 11 Introduction to the Philosophy of Art & Aesthetics (4 units)
PHIL 24 Comparative World Religions: East (4 units)
PHIL 25 Comparative World Religions: West (4 units)
PHOT 8 Photography of Multicultural America (4 units)
or PHOT 8H Honors Photography of Multicultural America (4 units)
PHOT 10 History of Photography (4 units)
or PHOT 10H Honors History of Photography (4 units)
SPAN 4 Intermediate Spanish I (5 units)
THTR 26 Introduction to Fashion History & Costume Design (4 units)

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