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Associate Degree for Transfer-Nutrition and Dietetics 2019-2020


Students who complete the Associate in Science in Nutrition and Dietetics for Transfer Degree will be ensured preferential and seamless transfer status to CSUs for Nutrition and Dietetics majors and majors in related disciplines. This program prepares students with strong foundational knowledge in the science of human nutrition as well as with the skills and knowledge to be successful in upper division coursework at CSUs. Students are advised, however, to meet with a counselor to assess the course requirements for specific CSUs. Students may also review ASSIST to determine whether their desired university destination requires additional coursework (e.g., organic chemistry).

Program Learning Outcomes:

-Students will be able to utilize knowledge from the physical and biological sciences as a basis for understanding the role of food and nutrients in health and disease processes.
-Students will be able to use their knowledge from the physical and biological sciences to critically evaluate nutrition information.
-Students will be able to discuss how nutrition intersects with race and ethnicity, and socioeconomic factors to impact human health.
-Students will be able to consider the impacts of dietary choices on the environment.

Units Required

  • Major: 90

Degree Requirements:

Associate in Science in Nutrition and Dietetics for Transfer requires completion of a minimum of 90 units to include:
-CSU General Education Breadth Requirements or the *Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) (49-58 units) (full certification is required)
-Core and support courses (39-51 units, of which 0-25 units may satisfy the GE requirement)
-Transferable electives necessary to meet the 90-unit minimum requirement

NOTE: All courses pertaining to the major must be completed with a grade of "C" (or "P") or better. In addition, the student must obtain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Although it is possible to fulfill the requirements for the Associate Degree for Transfer by completing the IGETC for UC pattern, admission to CSU requires completion of an Oral Communication course (IGETC Area 1C; CSU GE Area A-1); therefore, students who plan to transfer to CSU should complete this course as part of their GE or elective units.

Core Courses (30 units)

BIOL 41 Microbiology (6 units)
BIOL 45 Introduction to Human Nutrition (4 units)
CHEM 1A General Chemistry (5 units)
or CHEM 1AH Honors General Chemistry (5 units)
CHEM 1B General Chemistry (5 units)
or CHEM 1BH Honors General Chemistry (5 units)
CHEM 1C General Chemistry & Qualitative Analysis (5 units)
PSYC 1 General Psychology (5 units)
or PSYC 1H Honors General Psychology (5 units)

Support Courses (9-21 units)

Complete #1 or #2 from List A:
List A:
1.* BIOL 40A Human Anatomy & Physiology I (5 units)
and BIOL 40B Human Anatomy & Physiology II (5 units)
and BIOL 40C Human Anatomy & Physiology III (5 units)
2. MATH 10 Elementary Statistics (5 units)
or MATH 17 Integrated Statistics II (5 units)
or PSYC 7 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (5 units)
or SOC 7 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (5 units)

And complete ONE course from List B:
List B:
BIOL 1A Principles of Cell Biology (6 units)
BIOL 10 General Biology: Basic Principles (5 units)
BIOL 14 Human Biology (5 units)
ECON 1A Principles of Macroeconomics (5 units)
ECON 1B Principles of Microeconomics (5 units)
MATH 1A Calculus (5 units)
or MATH 1AH Honors Calculus I (5 units)
MATH 12 Calculus for Business & Economics (5 units)
POLI 1 Political Science: Introduction to American Government & Politics (5 units)
PSYC 14 Child & Adolescent Development (4 units)
PSYC 40 Human Development (5 units)
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology (5 units)
or SOC 1H Honors Introduction to Sociology (5 units)

* For option #1, all three courses must be completed to fulfill the requirement.

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