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Makerspace Coordinator 2019-2020


The Certificate of Achievement in Makerspace Coordinator is designed for people who are seeking employment in fabrication laboratories and makerspaces within community centers, libraries, and education. The program provides 18 units of instruction and support for building models and prototypes, strategies to spark innovation and invention, and creative problem-solving and collaboration. The program includes application and strategies with the foundational concepts and processes for fabrication and design, including the familiarization and use of makerspace and fabrication laboratory tools.

Program Learning Outcomes:

-The student will have acquired the necessary basic skills to create and manage a makerspace or fabrication lab in schools, community centers, and library environments.
-The student will be able to demonstrate appropriate critical thinking and problem-solving skills, creative skills, and collaborative and teamwork skills to provide assistance in a maker or fabrication environment.

Career Opportunities:

Current libraries, community centers, and schools are in dire need of trained, qualified adults to supervise, maintain, and create makerspaces or fabrication laboratories to build 21st century skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and imagination, and collaboration and teamwork. This innovative program will allow schools to hire individuals as classified personnel to assist faculty with student learning and exploration in makerspaces. It also allows further training for teachers and non-traditional educators to build their skillset for giving students 21st century, future-ready skills.

Units Required

  • Certificate(s): 18
CA = Certificate of Achievement.

Certificate Requirements

Certificate of Achievement in Makerspace Coordinator

Units: 18

Prerequisite Skills: Basic skills using standard computer systems and internet-based technologies.

LINC 58A E-Portfolios (1 unit)
LINC 73H Adobe Illustrator Overview (1 unit)
LINC 75A Introduction to Instructional Design & Technology (3 units)
LINC 77A Design Thinking Process (2 units)
LINC 77B Design Thinking & Tinkering (2 units)
LINC 78A Computational Thinking for Educators (2 units)
LINC 78C Project Based Technology Projects (2 units)
LINC 84A 3-D Design Concepts (2 units)

And 3 units from the following:
LINC 57 Designing Learner-Centered Instruction (1 unit)
LINC 59 Integrating 21st Century Skills into Instruction (2 units)
LINC 77C Design Thinking for Teachers (2 units)
LINC 77D Design Thinking Challenges (2 units)
LINC 78B Block Based Coding Concepts (2 units)
LINC 80 Multimedia Overview (1 unit)

Control Information:
2019-2020 | Status: Approved | Modified: 2019-04-26 09:30:54 | Dept Code: LINC

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