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“Oh, Romeo, Romeo… you’re on mute, Romeo.” Anything can happen at Silicon Valley Shakespeare’s seventh annual 48-hour Play Festival, co-produced with Silicon Valley Shakespeare where our writers will explore what happens when famous Shakespearean characters are quarantined!\


The Performance

Date: January 10, 2021 6:30 PM
Co-producer: Silicon Valley Shakespeare
Location: The comfort of your own home! Performed via Zoom (Must have video/audio access to participate.)
Theme: What happens to Shakespeare’s plays when the characters are quarantined during a plague?
Tickets available here!

The plays

We won’t know until 48 hours before the show!



 The Writers

Melissa Jones
Ross Harkness
Max Tachis
Kristin Hall
Erin Southard
Anne Kobori
Lauren Doyle
Laura Domingo

 The Directors


Tonya Duncan
Cynthia Lagodzinski
Thomas Times
Ivette Deltoro
Dave Leon
Kimberly Scofield
Marley Teter
Roneet Aliza Rahamim


From zero to new Shakespeare play in two days!

Every year, Silicon Valley Shakespeare produces a 48-hour play festival, partnering with a local college or university.

In one weekend (48 hours!), a wide array of local artists start with nothing, write, rehearse, and do a full public performance of eight new short plays!

This year’s virtual festival will be January 8 -10, 2021, co-produced once again with Silicon Valley Shakespeare.  Buy Tickets Here:

How it works

  1. 6:30pm Friday: Eight teams – each with a local writer, director, and actors – meet over Zoom and find out their play’s criteria.
    • Criteria: the Shakespeare play inspiring theirs, a required line of dialogue, required prop, and other surprises.
  2. 12pm Saturday: The writer submits a completed script, having spent all night writing from scratch!
  3. Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon: Everyone rehearses virtually. A lot.
  4. 6:30pm Sunday: Eight completely new short plays premiere, in a full virtual production for the public.

At the end of the performance, the audience votes for their favorites. Votes are counted during a brief audience talkback with the writers and directors.


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