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The Birds

The Birds

Aristophanes’ The Birds

By Brian Reno & Gabrielle Vega Weissman

Directed by Tom Gough

The Story:

Originally performed in 414 BC, Aristophanes’ satirical comedy has been supremely modernized and updated, making its 2400-year-old observations on human behaviors still relevant and humorous today.  Complete with a bird chorus, Elvis impersonator and a host of other recognizably bizarre characters, ARISTOPHANES’ THE BIRDS is a wacky and uproarious examination of humanity’s desperate search for something better and their inability to get out of their own way.  Two movie moguls abandon their increasingly vain, shallow and corrupt lifestyles, making their way into the desert to live among the birds. Seeking the freedom and tranquility that comes with bird-living, they must make a case for why they deserve an avian transformation, but all they have to offer are the pieces of civilization they’ve tried to leave behind. In this blasting, cleverly re-imagined satire begs the question: Can human beings truly go against their nature?

Performance Dates November 4 - 20

 The Cast:  Brayan Becerra, Astraea Brown, Nicholas Conrad, Alexa Ferguson, Claire Freeman, Gwenaveire Garlick, Adam Hogsett, Ilene Jarquin, Emily Levine, Amber Liu, Osmanthus Lynch,  Melody Joy Meo, Katelyn Miller, Jason Morley, KJ Paley, Nina Perry, Miles Ramsdell-Ray, Diane Thorne, Nishidi Thulkar, Mateo Urquidez and Tessa Voiss



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