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2017 Reaffirmation

Self-Study Standards Teams
Accreditation 2017

Steering Committee Members


Andrew LaManque, Associate Vice President, Instruction & Institutional Research


Andrea Hanstein, Director, Marketing and Public Relations

Carolyn Holcroft, Academic Senate President

Erin Ortiz, Classified Senate President


Ruby Sodhi, Instructional Services Coordinator

Elaine Kuo, College Researcher

If you have questions, comments or concerns, e-mail or call the Accreditation Self-Study Team Lead representatives. 

Standards Team Members

Standard I: Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity

Team Leader & Steering Committee

Andrea Hanstein, Administration, Marketing

Team Members
  1. Kirsi Engels, Classified, Library
  2. Kimberly Escamilla, Faculty, English
  3. Claudia Flores, Classified, Allied Health
  4. Craig Gawlick, Classified, Sunnyvale
  5. Elaine Kuo, Classified, Institutional Research
  6. San Lu, Administration, Veterans + DRC
  7. Bruce McLeod, Faculty, Theatre
  8. Patrick Morris, Faculty, Math
  9. Simon Pennington, Administration, Fine Arts
  10. Thom Shepard, Administration, Student Affairs
  11. Nanette Solvason, Administration, Bio Health
  12. Denise Swett, Administration, Student Services
  13. Marco Tovar, Classified, Outreach
  14. Josh Westling, Faculty, Bio Heath
  15. Sam White, Faculty, English
  16. Teresa Zwack, Faculty, Math

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Support Services

Team Leader & Steering Committee

Carolyn Holcroft, Faculty, Bio Health

Team Members
  1. Valentin Garcia, Adjunct (NC), FEI
  2. Katherine Schaefers, Adjunct, Anthropology
  3. Rosa Nguyen, Faculty, Chemistry
  4. Lisa Collato, Adjunct, ESLL
  5. Craig Gawlick, Classified, Sunnyvale
  6. Micaela Agyare, Faculty, Library
  7. Enjoli Flynn, Adjunct, Language Arts
  8. Anthony Cervantes, Classified, DRC
  9. Issac Escoto, Faculty, Counseling
  10. Bernie Day, Faculty, Honors
  11. Lan Truong, Administration, Counseling
  12. Lori Silverman, Faculty, Math
  13. Debbie Lee, Faculty, Math
  14. Paul Starer, Administration, Language Arts
  15. Lisa Drake, Faculty, Accounting
  16. Katie Ha, Faculty, TLC
  17. Laureen Balducci, Administration, Student Services
  18. Eric Reed, Faculty, STEM Center
  19. Dawn Girardelli, Administration, Sunnyvale
  20. Jazmine Garcia, Classified, CTE/Outreach
  21. Robbie Reid, Faculty, Art History
  22. Casie Wheat, Classified, Assessment

Standard III: Resources

Team Leader & Steering Committee

Erin Ortiz, Classified, Student Activities

Team Members
  1. Teresa Ong, Administration, Business
  2. Romeo Paule, Administration, Bookstore
  3. Brenda Davis Visas, Administration, Finance + Admin
  4. Judy Baker, Administration, Online Education
  5. Sherri Mines, Classified, International
  6. Kevin Harral, Administration, Financial Aid
  7. Kamara Tramble, Classified, Student Activities
  8. Josh Pelletier, Classified, Learning Center
  9. Kurt Hueg, Admininstration, Business and Social Science

Standard IV: Leadership and Governance

Team Leader & Steering Committee

Paul Starer, Administration, Instruction

Team Members
  1. Justin Schultz, Classified, Instruction
  2. Juston Glass, Adjunct, Business
  3. Joni Hayes, Administration, District Finance
  4. Carla Maitland, Classified, District Finance
  5. Kate Jordahl, Faculty, Fine Arts
  6. Nazy Galoyan, Administration, Enrollment Services
  7. Kathy Perino, Faculty, Math
  8. Art Hand, Classified, Library
  9. Marietta Harris, Administration, Human Resources
  10. Paula Norsell, Confidential, Chancellor
  11. Karen Smith, Classified, Library
  12. Vinita Bali, Administration, International Programs
  13. Paul Starer, Administration, Language Arts
  14. Rachelle Cambell, Faculty, Radiologic Technology
  15. Mike Mohebbi, Classified, Finance

Self-Evaluation Report & QFE

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