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About the Program

A degree in chemistry prepares students to be competitive in our increasingly technological society. We instruct students in organic, inorganic and biochemistry, and ready students for careers in basic research, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, instrumentation, new product and process development, and education. 

Careers for chemists in academics include university teaching and science teaching in the secondary school, an area that will expand greatly in the future. In addition, there is a need for technically trained people in non-traditional areas such as marketing and sales, scientific information, patent law, health and safety, and handling of hazardous materials. 

An advanced chemistry degree can also provide a strong foundation for studies at medical, dental, veterinary, and pharmacy schools. 


What you can do with a degree in chemistry

  • University and College Professor
  • High School Teacher
  • Researcher
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Patent Lawyer

Degrees & Certificates

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Associate in Science Degree



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Ron Painter, Chemistry Department Chair

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Zach Cembellin, Division Dean
Phone: 650.949.7383
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