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Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene

AS to BS-DH Program Begins Spring 2018

Program:AS to BS-DH Program
Degree: BS
Length: Flexible
Start/End: Flexible
Number Accepted: 80
Application Due: Applications for Fall 2018 admission are now accepted. 
Prerequisites: See AS to BS-DH program requirements
Approx. Cost of Program: $4000 (excludes additional costs for textbooks)


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The program will broaden your educational experiences if you are a licensed dental hygienists (RDH or RDHAP) who has graduated from an accredited two-year community college dental hygiene program.

Our AS to BS-DH program provides an in-depth curriculum, including, but not limited to: developing a capstone project, and developing skills in critical thinking, writing, communication, cultural sensitivity, conducting research, and reporting.

The AS to BS-DH program will expand professional opportunities beyond the private dental office and promote career advancement in management, education, public health and research.

The program will prepare working dental hygienists to interact effectively with other health professionals in a competent, collaborative, and ethical manner.

The BS-DH degree will require completion of a minimum of 189 quarter units (125 semester units), including general education course work in alignment with CSU or IGETC pattern general education.


Admission Process




  • Graduation from an accredited dental hygiene program
  • Minimum cumulative college GPA 2.75
  • Licensed in good standing as a Registered Dental Hygienist
  • Completion of CSU General Education Breadth Requirements or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is stronly recommended; however, some of the GE courses (except for Statistics) can be taken concurrenly with the program courses.


GE Requirements


Completion of the CSU GE-Breadth or IGETC is required for the Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. Completion of the Associate Degree GE pattern does not complete the GE requirements for the Bachelor of Sciences degree. Students with AS in Dental Hygiene will need to take a few additional GE courses for the Bachelor of Science degree. In general, students who have completed an AS degree in Dental Hygiene still need to take some Humanities courses and Statistics to complete either the CSU or IGETC pattern of general education. Please refer to Foothill College counseling department website under General Education for more details about CSU or IGETC GE (

General education may be transferred from accredited colleges but must be equivalent to Foothill College courses and transferrable to CSU or UC. We recommend meeting with a counselor from the school you graduated from to see if you have completed all the required general education. All required general education must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher before the bachelor’s degree can be granted. We highly recommend that applicants get the CSU or IGETC certification from their school and submit it with their application (not required). 

  GE Certification Letter (please provide this letter to your school to help facilitate the process of getting the certification)


How to Apply


Completion of the pre-program courses and general education do not guarantee admission to program. Applicants are required to submit a one-page purpose statement and successfully complete an interview process.

Download the Application PDF 


BS-DH Degree Courses

Upper Division GE Courses

  • IDS 300- Research Methods, Statistics & Critical Thinking for Health Professions (5 units)
  • HLTH 300: Healthcare across the lifespan (5 units)
  • BIO 300 - Credit by exam (4 units)

Core Courses

  • DH 350 A: Dental Hygiene Research and Capstone course I (5 units)
  • DH 350 B: Dental Hygiene Research and Capstone course II (5 units)
  • DH 350 C: Dental Hygiene Research and Capstone course III (5 units)
  • DH 352: Health Communication & Multicultural Issues (5 units)
  • DH 354: DH Healthcare Management (5 units)
  • DH 356: Education theory, Practice and Administration (5 units)


  • IDS 300 must be taken prior to enrolling in DH350A in Fall.
  • DH 350A, DH 350B, and DH 350C must be taken in sequential order in three consecutive quarters. DH350A will be offered only in Fall quarter.
  • Tentatively, except for the DH350 series, all the other courses will be offered twice a year. The students will be given the course schedule in advance.

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