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CAC Purpose

The Computer Access Center (CAC), serves individuals with permanent and/or temporary disabilities, and specializes in Assistive Technology (AT) software and devices that supports reading, writing, study skills and information access. It is equipped with Apple and Window-based computers, scanners and a printer. Our CAC also provides students with a quiet space to study and do homework.

Small group workshops and one-on-one trainings on the use of these technologies are available for student to enhance their academic productivity and support specific learning needs.

** The Computer Access Center (CAC) will be open during the DRC in-person service hours. **


What is Assistive Technology?

Equipment, software or product systems items designed to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of students with disabilities or impairments. It allows students who have difficulty speaking, typing, writing, remembering, pointing, seeing, hearing, learning, walking, etc., to have the same access to information and production as their peers. Although AT has been traditionally developed for people with disabilities, the applicability of much of this technology has been found to be extremely useful for everyone.

Many of the students who qualify for assistive technology are not aware of what AT is, and aren’t aware that there are software and devices available to support their academics. Students who have access to these tools and resources prior to starting classes, feel more prepared for class.


Assistive Technology Available at Foothill College's CAC:

  • LiveScribe SmartPens

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking

  • Kurzweil 3000 Literacy Software

  • Sonocent Audio Note Taker

  • Jaws ( Job Access with Speech) for Windows

  • ZoomText Screen Magnification

  • NVDA ( Nonvisual Desktop Access)

  • LearningAlly Link

  • Read & Write Gold

  • Natural Reader

  • Inspiration 9

  • TOPAZ CCTV Desktop Video Magnifier

  • Adjustable Computer Stations

  • Adaptive Hardware


Examples of the disabilites we help with

  • Orthopedic disabilities: Speech recognition, adjustable workstations and seating.

  • Visual Impairment: Large print screens, speech output devices, ZoomText software, screen readers.

  • Acquired Brain Injury: Reading, writing and study tools.

  • Learning Disabilities: Reading, writing and study tools.

  • Hearing Impaired: FM systems, Sign language, English vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

  • Repetitive Strain Injury: Speech recognition, alternative keyboards, and seating.


 Services We Provide

  • One-on-one training

  • Large group training/workshops

  • Self-Scanning

  • Black and white printing

  • New student registration assistance

  • Assistance booking accommodated exams


 Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start using DRC’s Assistive Technology?

Prior to using DRC’s Assistive Technology (A.T), you will need to make an appointment to meet with your DRC Counselor. After your accommodations related to A.T have been identified and you have a Letter of Accommodation for the current quarter, you can make an appointment with our A.I.T Coordinator for an evaluation and training for the use of A.T.

Is Assistive Technology available for loan?

Based on availability, the following A.T is loaned to students who are enrolled in Foothill College’s DRC or VRC Program. Students need to have the specific A.T identified as an accommodation in an up-to-date letter of accommodation for the current quarter or have received training in use of the A.T

  • Web license for Kurzweil 3000
  • Laptops running assistive software
  • FM Systems
  • LiveScribe SmartPen
  • Calculators

Come to 5417 to borrow assistive technology. You will be asked to complete a short Assistive Technology Loan Agreement prior to borrowing the device.

Is Assistive Technology available in other locations on campus?

Yes, you can request that assistive technology be added to public access computers at any Foothill College lab. Some of the available software includes, but is not limited to:

  • Kurzweil 3000
  • LearningAlly Link
  • Natural Reader
  • Sonocent
  • NVDA

To request specialized software on a computer, please email the following information to our A.I.T Coordinator at 

  1. The room number and station number.
  2. The name of the software requested.

Do you offer training in the use of Assistive Technology?

Yes! If you are a DRC student you can make an appointment to get one-on-one training with our A.I.T Coordinator. We also offer workshops and group training on various assistive technologies. To schedule a training, email A.I.T Coordinator at or call (650) 949-7039. You may also request a group training session by going to room 5417.

 For more information on the Computer Access Center, please contact Jessica Alarcon or 650.949.7039


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