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Clockwork & Requesting Accommodations

About Clockwork 

Clockwork is a complete scheduling and data management system that the DRC uses for streamlining and simplifying processes for accommodated testing requests for students.

Students can make all accommodation requests — scheduling for appointments and tests/exams.

Instructors can verify quiz and exam information, accommodations and upload testing materials.

Requesting Accommodations

After you register with the DRC and meet with a DRC counselor, you can then request accommodations for your courses through the Clockwork app in MyPortal.

This request will be emailed to your instructors so they know what accommodations you need for their course. This needs to be done every quarter for each course.

Be sure to complete the steps below or your accommodations may not be acknowledged or provided.

To access the Clockwork app, follow these steps:

  1. LOG IN toMyPortal
  2. From the left menu, CLICK/TAP "Apps"
  3. Under Students, FIND and CLICK/TAP the ClockWork tile.
  4. SELECT Clockwork Foothill Disability Services
The following can be found in the ClockWork App
  • Online Intake (new DRC student)
  • My Schedule (student appt. schedule; currently inactive)
  • Request Accommodations (request an accommodation change for courses)
  • Book a Test (schedule a test, mid-term, or quiz)
  • Book an Appointment (schedule appt. with specialist or counselor; currently inactive)


For requesting accommodations

To request accommodations follow the below steps. A visual guide can also be found here.

  1. LOG IN to MyPortal
  2. From left menu, CLICK/TAP "Apps"
  3. Under Students, FIND and CLICK/TAP the ClockWork tile.
  4. SELECT Clockwork Foothill Disability Services
  5. CLICK/TAP "Request Accommodations"
  6. Choose the correct term & click “Request” for the class you need the letter for
  7. You can choose all your classes at once on this page. 
  8. On the left choose all the available to you accommodations needed for the class(es).
  9. Indicate whether your accommodations are correct or need to be changed.
  10. You can use the empty box to add any notes for the teacher to review.
  11. Agree to the terms and click “Submit
  12. You can download the hard copy of the accommodations letter for each class by clicking “Get letter”

Feel free to contact our front desk staff if you need further assistance at 650.949.7017 or

For testing accommodations:

Accommodated testing services are offered by Clockwork appointment only. Students must book testing appointments using Clockwork app in MyPortal: 

  • Three (3) business days (weekdays) in advance of their instructor approved exam date and time.   
  • During finals, students are required to book appointments seven (7) business days in advance of their instructor approved exam date and time.   

***Remember: We cannot guarantee your testing accommodations if you request them with less than the required notice!

Below are the steps on how to book a test. We've also provided a PDF guide.

  1. LOG IN to MyPortal
  2. From left menu, CLICK/TAP "Apps"
  3. Under Students, FIND and CLICK/TAP the ClockWork tile.
  4. SELECT Clockwork Foothill Disability Services
  5. CLICK/TAP "Book a Test"
  6. Read through your responsibilities and information regarding booking a test then click "Next"
  7. From the drop down box, choose the course you would like to schedule a test from the list.
  8.  Input the date and time of when you are intending to take your test.
    • Please ensure that it falls within the Testing Center's operational hours and consider your extra time accommodation when you are indicating the time you would like to take the test.
    • For example, if your class test is 2 hours and you receive 2x extended time, you will have 4 hours to take the test. The time you choose for "Time of Class test" must fit these 4 hours within the operational hours of the Testing Center.
    • Please also keep in mind that you may have to take your test on a date and/or time that differs from the scheduled date with your class.
    • For "class test duration" input the length of the class test WITHOUT extra time accommodations. For the the example stated above, a student would input "2" hours for "Class test duration."
  9.  Select the accommodations you would like to use for the testing appointment and click "Next"
  10.  Double check the available time shown for the test then click "Next."
  11. Confirm your appointment details.

Fore more information, please visit the Testing & Assessment Center.

Alternate Path for Requesting Accommodations

Students requesting accommodations who do not wish to utilize college Disability Resource Center services may call 650.949.7332

Students must provide an official Verification of Disability signed by an appropriate professional.

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