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First Year Experience (FYE)

About the Program

First Year Experience is a one-year learning community that provides first-year college students the resources and support needed to successfully transition to college — whether you're straight out of high school or returning to school after a break.

FYE connects first-year students to a community of first-year friendly courses and faculty who will serve as partners in helping FYE students build their academic foundation and make a successful transition to Foothill.

FYE graduating class of 2017 and instructors

Is FYE right for you?

Are you a first-time college student planning to attend Foothill College?

Do you identify with one or more of the following?

  • First-generation college student (You’re the first person in your family to go to college OR your parents did not graduate college in the U.S.)
  • Foster youth
  • Single parent/raised by a single parent
  • Have a disability
  • Seeking financial aid

Did you place in ENGL 209 or ENGL-1S during your placement tests?

If yes to all three, FYE is for YOU!

What Students Are Saying

"I would recommend the program because so far it has helped me develop a better understanding about college and I love how we get to interact with new people and faculty members." 

"If you are a freshman and are unsure of what classes you should take to be successful for your first year. FYE is the perfect program as everybody is committed to helping you succeed."

FYE Interest Form
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Questions?We're Here to Help!

Eleazar JR Jimenez, FYE Counseling Faculty