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Foothill Teacher Corps

2023 Guatemala Teacher Corps

Foothill College and Bay Area nonprofit Dream Volunteers have partnered again on the Guatemala Teacher Corps for winter and spring 2023. 

With funding from the Foothill-De Anza Foundation, students will travel to Antigua to teach English in a K-12 school. 

Meet Our Teachers!

Jongmoon (David) 

Meet David Jongmoon Kim

My name is Jongmoon Kim. I am currently in my second year at Foothill, and I plan to transfer in Fall 2023 and study economics and international relations. I am interested in developing methods and structures that will enable more people to live stable and peaceful lives by reaching their potential and dreams. 

Guatemala Teacher Corps program will be an invaluable opportunity for me to learn about various concerns around the world and contemplate how I can contribute to many challenges. I believe education is a key to success and that education is both a privilege and a responsibility. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my privilege with more others. Learning English can help children in Guatemala dream a new future. I hope my small contribution will add up to bringing change in not just the children's lives, but also in their family and their community.



Meet Michelle

My name is Michelle Nguyen. I'm a second-year student at Foothill College studying psychology and economics and plan to transfer to a university in the Fall 2023.

As a first-generation Vietnamese-American of immigrant parents and an English second language learner myself, I understand the value and power of education and the opportunities that accompany it, and I empathize greatly with the challenges of learning a new language. My goal with Teacher Corps is to help my students build the confidence and skills that they need to succeed in learning English, treat them with respect and empower them throughout each lesson, and to form meaningful connections with each individual student in the classroom. And most importantly, create a warming, safe, and fun space for learning!

I am so honored and absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Teacher Corps and ready to face the challenges and joys that will come with this incredible experience. I can't wait to be in Antigua, Guatemala with our students and to immerse myself in a new culture and environment!



Meet Noelia

My name is Noelia Guzman and I am a first-generation Latina student at Foothill College. I am currently completing my second year at Foothill, with the intent to transfer by next fall with an associate degree in Child Development. My career goal is to become an educator in the future. I am so grateful to have been selected for this year’s Foothill Teacher Corps program because I get to begin my journey of educating young minds.

Even though my parents never received much education growing up they always taught me and my sisters the importance of education. It is because of them that I value and understand the significance education can have on someone and I want to continue to help others receive the education that they deserve. 



Meet Seymour

I’m Seymour Asing, a Sociology and Public Health major at Foothill. I’m very passionate about women’s health, education, and accessibility to healthcare. 

I’m so honored to be a part of Foothill’s Teacher Corps! Throughout my life, my teachers have built my confidence as a learner and an individual as a whole. My teachers supported me and created a safe space for me at school. I hope to pay it forward with Teacher Corps by giving young minds the same support that I was lucky enough to receive.

Education is the key to empowerment, and encouraging the pursuit of further education will open many more opportunities for these children. Post-academia, I would like to continue working with people through teaching or public health policy.

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