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Diego Guzman


Name : Diego Guzman

Grade : Sophomore

Major/Minor : Child Development

Was this your first choice? If not what influenced you to change it? :  It was my first choice.

Is this where you envisioned yourself in high school? Was this your best option? : Yes I did, this was definitely my first choice.

What's the best aspect of Foothill in your opinion? : The freedom.

Are you aware of the extracurricular activities that Foothill has to offer? : Some of them not a lot of them, I know there are clubs around but I'm not really involved.

Have you participated in any of these? Or any off campus? : No not really.

Would you like to be involved? If so what's the most effective way admin can reach out to you? : It depends on what they are then maybe. Maybe if they can put more signs around campus [I'd be more likely to join].

Have you seen or been involved in any social justice programs on campus? Is so do you think they're a big part of Foothills culture? : I haven't. I don't think they're a really big part of Foothill.

Have any of these events resonated with you? : N/A.

Do you think Foothill is a safe place academically and socially? : Yes.

Are you an out-of-state or international student? : I am an in-state.

I f so do you feel the classes and extracurricular activities are welcoming? : N/A

What was your first impression of Foothill and how has it changed? : I thought it was nice, a pretty big campus. No my impression as not changed.

Are you happy at Foothill? : Yes, definitely.

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