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Transferring to a New School

International students with F-1 visa who are transferring from one school to another are required to complete a special immigration transfer process. Failure to comply with the transfer regulations in a timely manner can be a violation of immigration regulations.

Transfer Out of Foothill

You must have a letter of admission from the school/university to which you intend to transfer and be certain you will meet any relevant conditions to enroll there. It is difficult to get back a SEVIS record once it is transferred, so you should be certain of your transfer school before you begin the transfer-out process. 

Submit the following documents to the International Student Office:

  • Transfer Out Request Form (email the international office to request this form beginning the 9th week of the quarter*)
  • A copy of your acceptance letter

Your new school may also give you its own transfer form to be completed by our office. If so, include this form with the items above.

*We don't process transfer out requests until the 9th week of the quarter. If you believe you have a special situation, meet with an immigration advisor during drop-in hours.

Once you submit these documents, our international advisor will review your documents and verify that you are in status and eligible for transfer. Once approved, Foothill will enter the name of the school/university you want to transfer to and the "release date" into SEVIS. The "release date" is the official last day of your last quarter as stated in the Foothill College schedule. Foothill cannot change your transfer after the release date.


How do I receive an I-20 from the New School?

Please contact your new school to find out specific procedures required to receive your new I-20 after the release date from Foothill. Your new school cannot issue an I-20 until it is released by your current school.


I want to travel before I begin classes at the new school.

If you travel outside the USA, you must use the I-20 of the new school to return to the USA. It is a violation of immigration regulations to use the Foothill I-20 to reenter if you are going to attend another school/university.


Do I need a new F-1 visa because I am changing schools and the name of the new school is not on my visa?

No, you do not have to apply for a new F-1 visa even if the name of the new school is not on your current unexpired visa. However, if your F-1 visa is expired and you plan to travel outside the U.S.  you will need to reapply for a new F-1 visa before returning to start studies at your new school.

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