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About the Program

Why Journalism?

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A free press is an integral part of a democratic society. Through fair and balanced reporting, a citizenry has access to the information necessary for informed decision-making. 

Journalism is an important part of college life. Student journalism gives voice to the student body; it informs campus stakeholders of the issues and events that are important to them; it promotes civic understanding and engagement; and in all of these ways, it builds community.   

The study of journalism provides opportunities to develop critical transferable skills. The practice of journalistic methodologies intersects with a plethora of industries, such as Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Communications and even Law.

You'll Develop Critical Skills

  • Questioning
  • Active listening and note-taking
  • Research and investigation
  • Analysis of complex issues
  • Accurate and ethical communication
  • Engaging writing and storytelling 

Fall Courses — Late Start 10/9-12/15

Foothill currently offers two foundational courses in Journalism—both with options for hybrid (on campus/online) and fully online this spring.  See details for JRNL 22A and 22B below.

JRNL22A: Introduction to Reporting and Newswriting

JRNL22A.03Y (CRN 21577)
Hybrid, TTh 1:30–3:20 p.m., plus some hours asynchronous online 

JRNL22A.04W (CRN 21578)
Fully online, asynchronous 
*Students will have an opportunity to zoom in to or attend the on-campus meetings if they wish.

See Journalism Schedule

In this class, you'll learn:

  • Fundamentals of news writing and the organization and structure of news stories, including the basics of news gathering and reporting
  • How to gather, organize and synthesize information to compile into news stories and write the stories
  • How to analyze contemporary issues and apply ethical consideration to news writing
  • How to prepare news stories for converging media

JRNL22B: Intermediate Reporting and Newswriting

JRNL22B.03Y (CRN 21579)
Hybrid, TTh 1:30–3:20 p.m, plus some hours asynchronous online 

JRNL22B.04W (CRN 21580)
Fully online, asynchronous , *Students will have an optional opportunity to zoom in to or attend the on-campus meetings if they wish. 

See Journalism Schedule

In this class, you'll build on what you learned in JRNL22B, including: 

  • Basic knowledge of the fundamentals of feature writing and the organization and structure of feature stories
  • How to analyze current events news
  • How to gather, organize, and synthesize information to compile into feature stories, and writing these stories under deadline pressure
  • How to prepare feature stories for converging audiences
  • How to create plans for submitting stories to the freelance market
  • How to use editing techniques and journalistic style
  • Fundamental media law concepts, such as libel and privacy rights, and basic freedom of information tools, including public records and open meeting laws


To learn more about Journalism classes, please contact instructors Brian Lewis at and and Stephanie Chan at


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Join the Journalism Club. Get Involved!

  • Apply your skills learned in Journalism class.
  • Work on The Script, Foothill's student news site.
  • Come together with a broad range of Foothill students to raise the student voice across campus.

Not enrolled in Journalism classes? You are still welcome to join the club and participate. For club details, email advisor Vanessa Santillan-Nieto at

The Newspaper - The Script

The Script Newspaper

The Script, the student news site for Foothill College, serves as the voice for our Foothill student population—providing news, analysis, and editorial content that shines light on important student-centered issues.

Students uncover and identify stories; choose tools through which they create and publish their work; and promote invaluable discussion of the issues surrounding the topics that their work highlights.  

Note: The Script as been on hiatus since Spring 2020 and will return in fall 2022. View past online editions of The Script.

Our Community

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Join us in lifting student voices for community and inclusion! By participating in student journalism, you play a meaningful part in recording and sharing student experiences with others.

You'll uncover . . .

  • What defines our Foothill community?
  • Who are its participants?
  • What activities and projects are they passionate about?

Whether it’s reporting on exciting student activities, such as Owls Athletics, Heritage Month events, or AFSC meetings and elections, or investigating in-depth the important issues that matter to students, you can make an impact on the overall quality and understanding of student life at Foothill and beyond. Register for a Journalism class this upcoming quarter!

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