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Professional Education


A Unique Training Experience with Horses

In this unique training, you will have a close experience with horses and learn more about these wonderful animals. You’ll get the opportunity to observe horses in their natural environment, slowly interact with them at your own level of comfort, and partner with your teammates for a seriew of exercises to oearn and take your communication and leadership skills to another level.

After your time with the horses, enjoy a farm to table lunch on the beautiful premises of Garrod Farms. We will share learnings from this unique experience to understand how they can be transferred and applied to communication, leadership, and team building for inclusive practices at your organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the power of observing and onboarding as a leader
  • Understand group dynamics, how power and privilege unfold in a group
  • Have leadership skills that help to create an inclusive culture
  • Strengthen trust and relationships with yoru team members
  • Learn tools and approaches to implement change 

To learn more about bringing this workshop to your organization, contact Teresa Ong at ongteresa@fhda.  

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