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Upcoming Auditions

Upcoming Auditions

Foothill Theatre Arts Dept Announces Open Auditions for

You Can’t Take It With You

By George S Kaufman & Moss Hart

Directed by Tom Gough

Audition Dates and Times:

Wednesday, August 21 beginning at 7pm OR Thursday, August 22 beginning at 7pm


Foothill College Campus

I-280 & El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills

Lohman Theatre (Room #8002) – Directly adjacent to Lot #8


Monday, August 26 at 7pm

Production Dates:

November 8-23, 2024, Lohman Theatre
Rehearsals September 23, 2024.

How to sign up:

Please sign-up for a 30-minute time slot, by clicking the audition sign-up link here and placing your name in an available time slot.  Please note your audition time as you will not receive a reminder notice of your sign-up time from us, you will from Sign-Up Genius.  Please make sure you have arrived at the Lohman Theatre slightly in advance of your time slot.  We will do our best to remain on schedule, but please expect to stay up to 60 minutes.

What to Prepare:

One-minute contemporary comedic monologue recommended/preferred. If you do not have a prepared monologue, cold readings from the script will be assigned.  Please bring a headshot or recent photo (printout is okay) and resume.

Actors:  13 lead and feature roles available; ages 16-70; flexible casting; 4 additional smaller roles with understudy assignments; all ethnicities encouraged to audition. 

Non-AEA; No pay: Participation fees waived.

The Story: 

Winner of the 1937 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the play tells of the Vanderhof family all of whom live a life of joyful, quirky pursuits. When daughter, Alice, falls for her boss, Tony, a handsome scion of Wall Street, she fears that their two families—so unlike in manner, politics, and finances—will never experience cohesion. During a legendarily disastrous dinner party, Alice’s worst fears are confirmed. Frustrated and upset.  Because of the families’ differences, Alice intends to get away, ending the hope of happiness with Tony.  Both families then expend great effort in an attempt to convince her otherwise. 

Location and Parking at Auditions:

For auditions in the Lohman Theatre, we recommend parking in either Lot 1 (the first parking lot to the right on the campus loop) or Lot 8 (through the entrance fountain roundabout). The Lohman Theatre is located to the left of the entrance fountain as part of the Lower Campus Complex.

Contrary to the posted signage, currently, no parking permits are required, and therefore need not be purchased, to park on campus.


Info: click the auditions link from the menu on the left; includes open roles

If you have further questions, please email:



Penny (F - 40’s to 60’s): Mother of Alice and Essie; bright, energetic, a slightly frivolous nature, but not at the expense of caring.  Easily distracted by her passions.

Paul (M - 40’s to 60’s): Father of Alice and Essie; sweet, kind nature with a natural curiosity and a rather child-like demeanor.

Alice (F – 20’s to 30’s):  Positive and loving outlook; turns to worry and insecurity because of perception and reputation.

Tony (M – 20’s to 30’s):  Son and vice president of father’s (Mr. Kirby) company; wrestles with where he stands in life; enthusiastically pursues ways to break free of that; sincere and earnest.

Essie (F – 20’s to 40’s): Breezy and whimsical, she is obsessed with ballet and constantly, randomly practicing.  Role calls for capable dancer to dance poorly.

Ed (M - 20’s to 40’s): Essie’s husband; undefinably quirky, a man of many interests, but little substance, he needs to play the xylophone.  Minimal musical or keyboard experience desirable.

Mr. De Pinna (M – 20’s to 70’s): Paul’s assistant/helper; undefinably quirky, a non-family member fully integrated as part of the family this character just “arrived one day and stayed.”

Rheba (F – 20’s to 40’s): Live-in housekeeper of the Vanderhof household; a spark plug of energy and brightness, but prone to some sassy-ness; she is a fully integrated member of the household.

Donald (M – 20’s to 40’s): Rheba’s live-in boyfriend; a man of simple needs, he is an enthusiastic helper and also a fully integrated member of the household.

Mr. Kolenkhov (M – 30’s to 60’s): Essie’s Russian ex-patriot dance teacher; a robust and vibrant disposition, he can often “take things a little too far” with his notions.  Character needs at least a suggestion of a Russian accent.

Mr. Kirby (M – 40’s to 60’s): Tony’s father and head of Kirby & Co. where both he and Tony work; staunchly opinionated, rigid and uptight, but has to melt his grinchly-heart by the end.

Mrs. Kirby (F – 40’s to 60’s): Tony’s mother; rigid and uptight, she is sort of a poster board for “proper.”

Henderson (M or F – 20’s to 60’s):  IRS Representative; always prepared for a “battle” when it comes to tax collection, likes to win.

Justice Department Agents (M and F – varying ages; 4 total):  Roles execute the raid on the home at the end of act II.  These actors will also understudy the other stage roles.

**Grandpa, Miss Wellington, Countess Olga pre-cast.


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