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Outdoor Lab

Outdoor Lab

Our Foothill campus serves as a natural outdoor laboratory for our biology courses and students who want to study ecology, natural history, geosciences, and the history of land use practices within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nestled against the Santa Cruz Mountains on 122 acres of wildlife-friendly landscape, our college is home to a wide variety of plant and animal life, including at least 48 bird species of birds, 2 amphibians, 4 reptiles, 12 mammals, and 68 native plants in our native plant garden. 

The diversity of species is supported by two creeks, Adobe and Purisima, that run along the outer areas of campus, as well as our college founders intentions to respect the natural habitat upon which Foothill College was built.


Dr. Gillian Schultz prepared publicly accessible guides to our campus flora and fauna. 

Native Garden Naturalist Guide
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Guido Bordignon, Biology Department Chair