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Nanny and Family Studies

Nanny and Family Studies

We, in the Child Development and Education department are proud to offer three new courses specific to the needs of nannies and families.

Paired with existing Child Development courses, we look to raise the quality of care provided by nannies in private homes. We believe this education will allow professional nannies to advocate for themselves by achieving formal education that hasn’t been previously offered.


New Nanny Courses

CHLD 80A: Communication & Self-Reflection Practices for Nannies- 2 units

CHLD 80B: Curriculum In The Home- 2 units

CHLD 80C: Safety & Nutrition of Young Children in the Home- 1 unit


Make a plan!

CHLD 80A will be offered first, in the Fall of 2021.

CRN: 21692, as a hybrid online/zoom course.


See our current schedule to determine which courses are currently offered or are coming up next.

Apply to the college if you haven't yet.

 Apply for financial aid to see if you qualify.


Register on MyPortal during your registration period. Once you've received your CWID, you will receive an email with instructions.


We're working on a certificate that would include the nanny courses, CHLD 80A, 80B and 80C as well as CHLD 1, 8, 50D and 88B. Consider signing up for these as well for a well-rounded nanny and family studies education!


The CHLD 80A, 80B and 80C courses also count as support courses for the Associates Degree in Child Development as of the Summer of 2021.

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