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Claim Your Digital Diploma

Starting with Spring 2022 graduates, Foothill College has partnered with Parchment to provide a digital version of your diploma. This makes it easy to share your accomplishments with family, friends and potential employers.

Upon completion of your degree, you will receive an email to electronically ‘Claim’ your diploma. You can log in to your Parchment account at any time to share your diploma again and again. You will then have permanent online access to your digital diploma.

Digital Diploma Benefits

A digital diploma is an official, highly secure, electronic version of your official Foothill College diploma/certificate and can serve as official proof of graduation. The document’s authenticity will be verified each time it is accessed. 

Get Diploma

Four weeks after your degree is awarded, you will receive a email from Parchment.

Follow these 3 simple steps to get your diploma:

  1. Click on the link in your email
  2. Create a password, and
  3. Share your digital diploma on Facebook, LinkedIn or download a secure PDF for later.

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Paper Diplomas

Paper copies of your diplomas are available upon request. If you wish to receive a printed copy of your diploma, email with your name, student ID number, and address. Please allow 8 weeks for processing. 

About Holds

If you have any holds on your Foothill account, you must resolve those holds before receiving your digital diploma. 

However, you can still request an unofficial transcript and/or an enrollment verification letter while paying off any outstanding balances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which email is my diploma sent to?

  • Your digital diploma will be sent to the email address on file in MyPortal.

How do I check and update my email address in MyPortal?

  1. Log into MyPortal
  2. From left menu, select Apps > Student Registration
  3. Under My Profile, select Update My Personal Information
  4. Click View Email Addresses
  5. Click Update Email Addresses if it is different than the email you are currently using.

I just applied for graduation.  When will I receive my digital diploma?

  • Allow 6 weeks after the term ends to receive your digital diploma.

I just received the email from Parchment. What do I do now?

  1. Click on the link in your email.
  2. Create a password, and
  3. Share your digital diploma on Facebook, LinkedIn, or download a secure PDF for later.


What can I do with my digital diploma?

  • Celebrate with friends and family
  • View or download a verifiable copy of your diploma
  • Share with employers for degree verification
  • Use as an alternative to an apostille

I graduated but have a hold. When will I get my diploma?

  • Your digital diploma will not be released until your hold is cleared.
  • Once your hold is cleared, email
  • Once confirmed, allow 2 weeks to receive your digital diploma using the email address on file in MyPortal.

Will I receive a paper diploma?

  • Paper diplomas will be available upon request.
  • Email to request a paper diploma— include your name, student ID number, and mailing address.
  • Allow 8 weeks for processing.


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