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Council Archives 2018-2021

Educational Master Plan (EMP) Goals and Objectives

Revised Nov. 13, 2015

The three goals of the 2016-2022 EMP as described below — (A) Equity, (B) Community and (C) Improvement and Stewardship of Resources — are approached in a way that exemplifies Foothill College’s culture of innovation and problem solving, with emphasis on eliminating disproportionate impact among student groups.

Download the full 2016-2022 EMP (34 pages)

Educational Master Plan 2016-2022 Cover



Goal A: Equity

Create a culture of equity that promotes student success, particularly for underserved students.


      • Implement activities to improve achievement of student outcomes among those population groups experiencing disproportionate impact.
      • Reduce barriers and facilitate students’ ease of access across the District and region.
      • Enhance support for online quality and growth for instruction and student services. 
      • Collaborate with K-12, adult education, and four-year institutions in ways that serve students and society.
      • Partner with business and industry to prepare students for the workforce.

Potential Key Performance Measures

      • High School participation rates [California Department of Education Data Quest; FHDA IR&P]
      • Online (internet/web-based) course enrollment and success rates [CCCCO Data Mart]
      • Wage earnings (before and after taking classes) [CTE Outcomes Survey]
      • Partnership list [Workforce workgroup]

Goal B: Community

Strengthen a sense of community and commitment to the College’s mission; expand participation from all constituencies in shared governance.


      • Encourage student participation in leadership and activities outside the classroom (including service/work-based learning) that engages students with the College and the community.
      • Provide effective onboarding, support, and professional development for all college employees.
      • Encourage employee participation in leadership and activities that engages them with the College and the community.
      • Promote consistent and clear communication in order to create a more informed, cohesive and engaged community.
      • Increase lifelong learning opportunities for our community.
      • Promote decision-making that respects the diverse needs of the entire college community.

Potential Key Performance Measures

      • Governance Survey [FHDA IR&P]
      • Professional Development Survey [FHDA IR&P]
      • Community College Survey of Student Engagement [CCSSE]
      • Community Education course offerings and enrollment [FH Workforce Development and Institutional Advancement

Goal C: Improvement and Stewardship of Resources

Recognize and support a campus culture that values ongoing improvement and stewardship of resources.

Goal Strategies

      • Increase advocacy at the state level, increase grants and private donations to secure stable and sustainable funding, and manage college resources strategically.
      • Expand college practices and initiatives to support environmental stewardship.
      • Employ data-driven decision-making.

Potential Key Performance Measures

      • Sustainability Management Report Card [College Sustainability Management Plan]
      • Governance  Survey [FHDA IR&P
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