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Language Arts

Learn a Foreign Language

The Foreign Language Department of the Foothill College Language Arts Division is dedicated to

  • developing the language and critical thinking skills necessary for students to succeed in their academic classes and in the workplace;
  • fostering global understanding and an appreciation for diverse cultures; 
  • and promoting in students a deeper understanding of themselves and others through literature.

Transfer Requirement

If you are planning to transfer, you need to complete level 2 (second quarter) of a language other than English.

From that point, enhance your career options by taking more advanced courses and getting a degree in the language.

  • Meet your "Language-Other-Than- English" requirement for transfer.
  • Get ahead in your career.
  • Develop the language and culture skills to help you in your future career in an increasingly global community.
  • Develop your current bilingual skills to an academic/professional level

Foreign Language Placement & Credit by Exam




  • To be placed into a class higher than level 1, please contact the division office.
  • Students with some prior knowledge of Spanish can get credit by exam for one quarter of the language. Learn more.

Our foreign language offerings include:

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Sheherazade Arasnia,  Language Arts Division

Room 6406

Office Hours

Wednesday-Thursday: 8-4:30 p.m.