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Instructional Design and Technology 2019-2020


The Certificate of Achievement in Instructional Design & Technology is designed for students working in or planning for a career in human resource training and development or education; in-service and pre-service teachers; educators at any level; and those working as trainers for any market sector. The certificate program focuses on how to meld theoretical knowledge with practical skill for using technology to design and develop instructional resources or programs. The content includes the foundational skills of instructional technology, pedagogy, and training techniques that are currently used in real-world work environments. Skills learned include the ability to create printed and online resources, multimedia, and presentations that can be used online or in traditional classroom settings. Students will be able to design, deliver, and evaluate instructional and informational content in a variety of contexts such as, school or college classrooms, professional development programs, presentations, research, information graphic design, and business training environments.

Program Learning Outcomes:

-Students will be able to demonstrate how the foundational principles and processes of Instructional Systems Design (ISD) can be applied in any business or education setting to create instructional content.
-Students will be able to develop and conduct program and learner needs analyses using industry standard survey, interview, and observation methods in order to improve the design of an instructional intervention.
-Students will be able to develop instructional products, resources, and projects that align with the specified learning objectives, activities, and assessment methods.
-Students will be able to use formative and summative assessment processes and instruments to evaluate the outcomes of program and student learning objectives.

Career Opportunities:

The Instructional Design & Technology program will prepare students currently working in or planning for occupations as Training and Development Specialists or Instructional Coordinators/Instructional Designers and Technologists in any market segment.

Units Required

  • Certificate(s): 27
CA = Certificate of Achievement.

Certificate Requirements

Certificate of Achievement in Instructional Design and Technology

Units: 27

Select 21 units from the following:
LINC 75A Introduction to Instructional Design & Technology (3 units)
LINC 75B Instructional Technology Strategies (3 units)
LINC 75C Designing Online Instruction (3 units)
LINC 82A Introduction to Designing Instructional Technology Projects (3 units)
LINC 82B Developing Instructional Materials (3 units)
LINC 82C Creating Interactive Media for Instruction (3 units)
LINC 91A Introduction to Assessing Instructional Technology (3 units)
LINC 91B Evaluating Technology-Based Learning Outcomes (3 units)
LINC 91C Evaluating Instructional Programs (3 units)
LINC 92 Seminar in Instructional Design & Technology (3 units)

And 6 units from the following:
GID 33 Graphic Design Studio I (4 units)
GID 45 Digital Sound, Video & Animation (4 units)
GID 56 Website Design (4 units)
LINC 50F Integrating Technology into a Standards-Based Curriculum I (2 units)
LINC 58 Global Project-Based Learning (2 units)
LINC 77A Design Thinking Process (2 units)
LINC 77B Design Thinking & Tinkering (2 units)
LINC 77C Design Thinking for Teachers (2 units)
LINC 77D Design Thinking Challenges (2 units)
LINC 78A Computational Thinking for Educators (2 units)
LINC 78B Block Based Coding Concepts (2 units)
LINC 78C Project Based Technology Projects (2 units)
LINC 79 Multimedia Project Production (2 units)
LINC 87 Seminar in Teaching with Educational Technology (5 units)
LINC 90C Online Collaboration Tools (2 units)
PHOT 5 Introduction to Photography (4 units)
PSE 56 Seminar in Teaching Pre-Collegiate Mathematics (1 unit)

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